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Yokota 2008

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Date: 24 August 2008

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80-0213/OS 		OA-10A 		25st FS
80-0243/OS 		OA-10A 		25st FS
86-0083 		C-12J 		459th AS
05-5153/HH 		C-17A 		535th AS
74-2062 		C-130H 		36th AS "374 OG"
58-0034/HH 		KC-135R 	203rd ARS HI ANG
76-1605/ZZ              E-3B 		"961AACS"          
82-0010/ZZ              F-15C 		67th FS           
84-0043/ZZ              F-15D 		44th FS           
90-0838/WW              F-16DJ 		14th FS          
92-3884/WW              F-16CJ 		13th FS          
69-6639 		UH-1N 		459th AS
164674/DT-05 		F/A-18D 	VMFA(AW)-242
164717/ED-04 		F/A-18D 	VMFA(AW)-533
164967/ED-14 		F/A-18D 	VMFA(AW)-533
58-1012 		C-1 		402 Hikotai
63-8108 		XF-2B 		ADTW
18-4551 		UH-60J 		ARW
92-3012 		U-125A 		2 ARW Hamamatsu
73416/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 taisensha herik.
31253/IVATH 		OH-6D 		4 taisensha herik
52960/XIIH 		CH-47JA		12 herikoptatai
43105/XIIH 		UH-60JA 	12 herikoptatai
41813 			UH-1J 		nmks
9304 			LC-90 		61 Kokutai
8404 			SH-60K 		51 Kokutai
5002 			P-3C 		3 Kokutai

86-0024 		C-5B 		22nd AS
74-1659, 74-1668 	C-130H 		36th AS
74-1684, 74-1685 	C-130H 		36th AS
74-1685, 74-2133 	C-130H 		36th AS
74-2066 		C-130H 		36th AS "36AS"
69-6646 		UH-1N 		459th AS
N41CX 			DC-8-62CF 	ATI
N721CX 			DC-8-72CF 	ATI
N405LC 			L100-30 	Lynden Air Cargo

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