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Yokota AB 2011

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Date: 20 August 2011

Made by:


78-10223             C-1              402 Hikotai
75-1075              C-130H           401 Hikotai
54-3458              E-2C             Hiko Keikai Kanshitai
84-3504              E-767            Hiko Keikai Kanseitai
03-8555              F-2A             53 Hikotai
06-5636              T-4              Koku Sotai Hikotai
56-5932              T-7              11 Hiko Kyoiku
41922/EH             UH-1J            Tobu Homen Herikoputatai
31220/EH             OH-6D            Tobu Homen Herikoputatai 
52960/XII            CH-47JA          12 herikoputatai
43122                UH-60JA          nmk
5063                 P-3C             3 Kokutai
78-0685/OS           A-10C            25th FS 
79-0201/OS           A-10C            25st FS
68-0216              C-5C             60th AMW
86-0813              C-12J            374th AW
05-5147/HH           C-17A            715th Wg
74-206237/YJ         C-130H           36th AS “374OG”
91-0309/LN           F-15E            492nd FS
00-3004/LN           F-15E            48th FW
90-0703/WP           F-16CG           35th FS
90-0714/WP           F-16CG           80th FS
92-3886/WW           F-16CJ           14th FS  
92-3897/WW           F-16CJ           14th FS
69-6645, 69-6646     UH-1N            374th AW 
84-23937             UH-60A           78th AvnBn
168206               UC-12W           MCAS Iwakuni
166713               UC-35D           MCAS Futenma  
168065/QD-065        KC-130J          VMGR-152
164227/-400          F/A-18C          VFA-94
164278/407           F/A-18C          VFA-94

86-0078/YJ           C-12J            374th AW
98-0056/AK           C-17A            3rdWg
04-4134              C-17A            305thAMW
06-6163              C-17A            60th AMW  dep
N71CX                DC-8-62          ATI
C-130H of the  36th AS, coded YJ:
74-1692, 74-2067, 74-2071
Nice surprise on the staticshow of Yokota in the form of two Lakenheath F-15E's

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