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Lielvarde 2019

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Lielvarde (Lativia)

100 Years Latvian Air Force

8 June 2019

101 Mi-17-1V Helikopteru Posms  
41 AS365N Sraigtaspamiu Esk  
01 L-410UVP Transporto Esk  
06 C-27J Transporto Esk  
741 Mi-24V 56 BLOT  
HW361/41 Hawk Mk66 HävLLv 41  
32 JAS39C MH.59. Sz.D.REB  
ZJ192 Apache AH1 663sq  
2x UH-60M/HH-60M unit nn  
Flightline 1CAB:
11-20352 HH-60M C/2-1st Avn  
11-20399 UH-60M 3-1st Avn  
6x UH-60M/HH-60M unit nn  
102, 103 Mi-17-1V Helikopteru Posms  
025 An-2 nn  
YL-HMO AB206B Valsts Robezsarde  
YL-HMK AW109E Valsts Robezsarde  
YL-HML AW109E Valsts Robezsarde  
HW353/4 Hawk Mk51 HävLLv 41  
038, 40 PZL130TC-2 42.BLSZ  
043, 48 PZL130TC-2 42.BLSZ  
35, 40 JAS39C MH.59. Sz.D.REB  
C.15-57/12-15 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.15-68/12-26 EF-18M Ala 12  
YL-CSL A220-300 Air Baltic special mks
6x L-39C Baltic Bees  
3x An-2    
145 L-410UVP-T    
151 Mi-2U Helikopteru Posms  
104 Mi-17-1V Helikopteru Posms  
1502 C-130E 33.BLTR  

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