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Mitiga 2009

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Date: 5-9 October 2009

Made by: Scramble, Marco & Perry Dirkx, Ron Frijlink, P


110/113-IN 		Rafale C 	EC01.091 				*
111/113-IP 		Rafale C 	EC01.091 		c/n 075		*
CSX619 			M311		Aermacchi 		c/n 201
MM7270/36-01 		EF2000 		XII Gruppo CIO
MM62247/PS-B15 		P180AM 		Polizia 		c/n 1113
118 			C-130H 		1230sq 			c/n 4405
1938 			L-39ZO 		1039sq 			c/n 131938        
2008                    L-410UVP-E 	1211sq 			c/n 872008    
8230                    Mi-8T 		1328sq 			c/n 33330          
2861                    Mi-8MTV-1 	1328sq 			c/n 59489607570
854 			Mi-35 		1335sq 			c/n 280854
6474 			MiG-23MLD 	1023sq 			c/n 26474
499 			MiG-25RB 	std 			c/n 20499      
508                     Mirage F1ED 	1015sq 			c/n 508 	*
545                     SF260WL 	AFAST 			c/n 545 	*     
565                     SF260WL         AFAST                   c/n 565 	*
583                     SF260WL         AFAST                   c/n 583 	*
604                     SF260WL         AFAST                   c/n 604 	*
307                     Su-22M-3K 	1032sq 			c/n 45312 	*
311                     Su-22M-3K 	1032sq                  c/n 47402 	*
LC-010 			CH-47C+ 	1387sq                  c/n R-010  
LC-1416 		Mi-14PL 	1314sq
5A-DKL 			An-124-100 	Libyan Air Cargo 			*  
5A-DRC                  An-32P 		1226sq 			c/n 0703             
5A-DRO                  AW119 		Air Ambul. 		c/n 14708         
5A-DTB                  A109E           Police 			c/n 11693 	*   
5A-DTL                  A109E           Police                  c/n 11635 	*
I-RAIU                  AW139           Agusta                  c/n 31133  
N2255R                  Ce208B 		Africair 		c/n 2098           
N278SV                  Ce680 		Cessna                   
N578CJ                  Ce525B 		Cessna                  
TZ-BSC                  BAe111-488GH 	Tombouctou Av.		c/n 259
VP-BEY                  A319-115X 	White 			c/n 2675           
Several aircraft were put on static display after their performance,
others operated out of the static. These aircraft are marked *. All 
mentioned construction numbers were actually read off. The Mirage F1 
came out of overhaul just a day before the show; both 1015sq as ‘Fataq’ 
squadron were mentioned as unit for the Mirage F1s. The CH-47C+ wore 
a badge of the 32 Fortified Brigade of the Libyan Army. The Chinooks are 
often used to support Army troops in the field.

78/F-RAFJ 		Falcon 50 	ETEC00.065 		c/n 78
MM62176/46-41 		KC-130J 	2°Gr 					arr 5oct+8oct
115 			C-130H 		1230sq
5A-CAA 			An-74TK-300D 	1274sq        
5A-DCN                  Falcon 900EX 	Libya Gvmt 		c/n 148
5A-DNG                  Il-76T 		1276sq              
5A-DNK                  Il-76T          1276sq     
5A-DNX                  Il-76TD 	1276sq             
5A-DNY                  Il-62M 		1276sq              
5A-DOC/8209 “wodah” 	An-26 		std no eng.		c/n 12308                 
5A-DOD/8212 		An-26           1226sq 			c/n 12406       
5A-DOE 			An-26           1226sq                  c/n 13003
5A-DOG/8303 		An-26           1226sq                  c/n 13008
5A-DOM 			L-100-20 	Libyan Air Cargo                 
5A-DOW/8203 		An-26 		1226sq 			c/n 11809                 
5A-DRE 			An-32P 		nn 			c/n 3507                  
5A-DRF                  An-32P 		nn                      c/n 3602
5A-OND                  A319-111 	Afriqiyah 				arr 6oct     
5A-ONI                  A319-111        Afriqiyah                               arr 7oct
5A-ONH                  A330-202        Afriqiyah         
5A-UAA                  CL-300 		United Av. 		c/n 20175         
5A-UAB                  Global XRS 				c/n 9285	arr 6oct         
D-IBBB                  Raytheon 390 	Agusta Air 				arr 6oct
G-KSFR                  CL-300 		London Exec. 				6oct        
ST-ATH                  Il-76TD 	Almajarah               
SX-SMR                  Ce560XLS 	Interjet               
SU-BME                  MD-83 		Air Memphis 				n/t           
TS-INA                  A320-214 	Afriqiyah              
TZ-BSA                  BAe111-492GM 	Tombouctou A 		c/n 260   
TZ-TAC                  B707-3L6B 	Mali Gvmt             
YU-BUU                  Ce525A 		Air Pink                 

1023sq ramp:
6117 			MiG-23MLD 	1023sq 			c/n 26117     
6118                    MiG-23MLD       1023sq                  c/n 26118     
6461                    MiG-23MLD       1023sq                  c/n 2960326461
7202                    MiG-23MLD       1023sq                  c/n 27202     
8272                    MiG-23UB        1023sq                  c/n A1038272  
8423                    MiG-23UB        1023sq                  c/n A1038423  
MiG-23UB 8423 performed a solo display on the morning of 7
October. After a steep climb it started a barrel roll but crashed
during that attempt. Both pilots were tragically killed and the
fl ying display was cancelled for the rest of the morning. The
aircraft came down on houses outside the base, wounding three

Remote ramps:
8316 			An-26 		nn
... 			An-26 					c/n 13201
112 			L-100-20 	1230sq white, gold
113                     C-130H 		std desert c/s      
117                     C-130H          std desert c/s  
1941 			L-39ZO          1039sq 			c/n 131944   
1944                    L-39ZO          1039sq 			c/n 131944   
9441                    L-39ZO          1039sq 					flew 7th
9443                    L-39ZO          1039sq 			c/n 931443   
9445                    L-39ZO          1039sq 			c/n 931443   
9446                    L-39ZO          1039sq 			c/n 931446   
1726                    L-410UVP-E 	1211sq 			c/n 861726 	wh
1534                    L-410UVP-T      std             
1535                    L-410UVP-T      std             
1538                    L-410UVP-T      std             
204 			Mirage F1BD 	1015sq 			c/n 204
5A-DMK 			Ce404 		nn                     
5A-DMX                  A300-203F 	std ex Libyavia    
5A-DSF                  P680B 		Air Libya Tibesti      
A7-HBP                  Bell 412 	Gulf Air 		c/n 36016      
F-GYSH                  AS332L1 	nn                   
G-TIGV                  AS332L 		Bristow Helicopters   
S9-GAS                  DC-10-10 	std exGlobal Avn.Inv

Far side:
111 			C-130H 		std no wings        
604                     MiG-25 		std shelter area +10
994                     MiG-25U 	std                
485                     MiG-25R 	std                
...                     Tu-22 		dump                 
5A-DHI 			L-100-20 	std green/white c/s
5A-DKO                  BAC1-11 	std                 
5A-DMO                  B727-2F2 	std ex Buraq Air   
5A-DMP                  B727-2F2 	std ex Buraq Air   
5A-DOV/8312 		An-26 		std along runway
5A-DOH/8316 		An-26 		std along runway
5A-DTF 			B707 		std ex Libyan Gvmt         
A6-ZYD                  B707-3J6C 	std ex Dolphin Air    
TZ-BSB                  BAe111-422EQ 	std ex Mali Gvmt 	c/n 86

Factory 003 - inside:
LAAF-721 		An-72 		o/h bare metal     
LAAF-723                An-72           o/h bare metal     
LAAF-724                An-72           o/h bare metal     
5A-DOA 			An-26           o/h bare met. 		c/n 12306

Factory 003 - outside:
8306 			An-26 		std camo, no wings
5A-DSH/LAAF-072 	An-72           1274sq silver c/s 
LAAF-722 		An-72           1274sq grey c/s   
5A-DOF/8302 		An-26           1226sq 			c/n 13007      
5A-DOP/8205 		An-26           std 			c/n 12301 	no wings
5A-DRD 			An-32P 		nn 			c/n 1306
TT-LAO 			An-26 		Chad AF
Of the following overviews, the order of the serials is intentionally
not in serial order, bit in parking order, allowing easier
identifi cation:

202 			Mirage F1BD 	1015sq
502                     Mirage F1ED     1015sq

Ramp near hangars:
LC-004 			CH-47C  	1387sq camo c/s  
LC-007                  CH-47C+         1387sq green c/s
LC-1417 		Mi-14PL         1314sq          

Central Ramp:
LC-1409 		Mi-14PL 	1314sq

South Ramp:
LC-1422 		Mi-14PL 	std no rotors       
LC-1425                 Mi-14PL         std no rotors       
LC-14..                 Mi-14PL         std, no rot LC-1423?
LC-1405                 Mi-14PL         1314sq              
LC-1414                 Mi-14PL         1314sq              
LC-1407                 Mi-14PL         1314sq              
LC-1411                 Mi-14PL         1314sq              

Ramp, western part (AS332 hangar):
8217 			Mi-8T 		1328sq
8229                    Mi-8T           1328sq
8101                    Mi-8T           1328sq

Unpaved ramp (northern row):
LC-1401  		Mi-14PL 	std no rotors 
LC-14..                 Mi-14PL         std no rotors
LC-14.7?                Mi-14PL         std          
LC-14..                 Mi-14PL         std no rotors
LC-1414?                Mi-14PL         std          
LC-1404 		Mi-14PL         std no rotor 
LC-1418                 Mi-14PL         std no rotors
LC-1424                 Mi-14PL         std no rotors
LC-14..                 Mi-14PL         std no rotors
LC-14..                 Mi-14PL         std no rotors
LC-1422? 		Mi-14PL         std          
LC-1403 		Mi-14PL         std no rotors

Unpaved ramp (western edge):
8222 			Mi-8T 		1328sq
8114                    Mi-8T 		1328sq

Ramp, western part:
LC-1408 		Mi-14PL 	std

Unpaved ramp (southern row):
8225 			Mi-8T 		std no rotors       
8104                    Mi-8T           std no rotors       
8102                    Mi-8T           std no rotors       
8228                    Mi-8T           std                 
8224                    Mi-8T           std red crescent mks
8220                    Mi-8T           std                 
8223                    Mi-8T           std                 

8340 			Mi-8T 		1328sq      
8109                    Mi-8T           1328sq white
8105                    Mi-8T           1328sq      
8218                    Mi-8T           1328sq      
Mi-8T 8218 dropped some Para jumpers on 8 October and left
the airfi eld afterwards.

22551 			F-5A 		dump
18669/TR-669 		T-33A 		dump +1
3610 			L-39ZO 		dump +2
7590                    B47G 		dump +1  

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