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Luxembourg-Findel 1998

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Date: 20 June 1998

Made by: Jos Frielink, Alexander Vervoort

Updated: 1 August 2002

Serial:              Type:           Unit:          Callsign: 
LX-90446             E-3A            NAEWF          Nato06 
91-0403/SP           F-16C           23FS           Grizzly01 
90-0261/LN           F-15E           49.FS          Shark11 
                     F-15C           53FS           Tiger01 
81-0963              A-10A           81FS           Angry01 
81-0954              A-10A           81FS           Angry02 
30502                C-20A           76AS           Hook31 
0-22514              UH-1D           EUCOM          Clue62 
ZG772/CO             Tornado F3      5Sqn           RFR3E17A 
ZG793/CY             Tornado F3      5Sqn           RFR3E17B 
XW211                Puma            72Sqn          RFR5C28 
XZ732                Lynx            815Sqn         NVY668 
XV643/PW-03          Sea King        819Sqn         NVY703 
ZF117                Puma            846Sqn         NVY757 
XZ614/LX             Lynx            847Sqn         NVY758 
XX450/D              Gazelle         847Sqn 
0717                 W3A             6AB Kbely      CEF0717 
B-37                 BO105-CB4       299Sqn         Devil37 
R-03                 AB412SP         SAR            RNAFR03 
5391/67-VA           AS355           EH2/67         CTM3730 
43+94                Tornado         JGB38          GAF4333 
71+29                UH-1D           BMVg           GAF315 
MT36                 CM170R          1W             BAF151 

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