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Wincrange 1992

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Date: 25/26 July 1992

Made by: Martijn van den Akker jr, Bjorn van der Flier


CH-53G             8467             HFR-35
BO-105M            8078             HFR-35
UH-1D              7378             HFR-30

SA316-III          A-453            Grasshoppers
SA316-III          A-390            Grasshoppers
SA316-III          A-465            Grasshoppers
SA316-III          A-398            Grasshoppers
SA316-III          A-350            Grasshoppers
Gazelle AH.1       XX447/U          3e Rgt.
Wessex HC.2        XR504            22 Sqn
Lynx AH.1          XZ193            656 Sqn

Flying only:
Jet Provost T.3A   XM466            1 FTS
F-16A              FA-55            349 Sqn
E-3A               LX-N90445        NAEWF
C-130H             CH-01            20 Sm
F-16A              J-213            KLu Demo Team
Havard T.6         LX-BAD           LAVA
Havard T.6         LX-BAE           LAVA

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