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Langkawi 1999

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Date: 30 November - 5 December 1999

Made by:


M30-08			KC-130H		20 Skn
M30-15			C-130H-30	20 Skn		arr02
M40-38			Hawk 208	6 Skn
M43-04			MiG-29N		17 Skn
M44-04			CN235-220N	21 Skn
M45-06			F/A-18D		18 Skn
M47-01			CRJ100		2 Skn
M49-01, M49-02		Mi-17-1V	Bomba		*
9M-BAB			Falcon 900B	Goverment 
9M-CAL			Lj60		JPBAM
XV304/304		Hercules C3P	LTW		dep30/arr03
ZD275/474		Lynx HMA8	815sq		arr02
T-235			KDC-10		334sq		dep30/arr05
MM62153X/RS-46 		G222TCM		311°Gruppo RSV	*
78-0500/ZZ, 78-0506/ZZ	F-15C		67th FS
57-2859			KC-135E		65th AS		dep01
61-0306/ZZ		KC-135R		909th ARS
158212/RD-212		P-3C		VP-47		dep30 
1003401438/34 blue	IL-78		Russian AF 	*
14 yellow		Su-25UB		Ulan-Ude	*
1010102/597		Su-30K		Red/blue/white c/s *
1010302/302		Su-30K		IAPO		*
36911040102		Su-30KI		KnAAPO		*
EW-76735		IL-76TD		Aero Concept
RA-76425		IL-76TD		Atlant Soyuz
RA-25755		Mi-8AMTSh	Ulan-Ude	*
RA-70877		Mi-17-1V 	KazanHelicopters *
F-GSDP			Falcon 900EX	Dassault 
N2341S			Beech 350	Raytheon
ZS-AVL			CL-604 		Anglo-Vaal Grp  arr2/dep04
* = flying every day

M39-02			AS61N-1		10 Skn
M41-01			Beech 200TB	16 Skn
M42-12			MD3-160		1 FTC
M46-02			S70A-34		10 Skn
9M-PHK			AS355N  	Polis Diraja Malaysia
9M-PSH			PC-6/B2-H4 	Polis Diraja Malaysia
9M-PSM 			Ce208  		Polis Diraja Malaysia
9M-LCT			Bell 407	private
9M-YTL			SA365N2		YTL		only04

Near runway:
M23-01			S61A-4		3 Skn		dep01
M23-05			S61A-4		3 Skn		arr02
9M-SSV			AS355F2		M.H.S. Aviation

The Red Arrows with the following Hawks:
XX227, XX237, XX253, XX260, XX264, XX266, XX292, XX294, XX306, XX307 and XX308.
The RAAF Roulettes with the following PC-9As:
A23-027, A23-029, A23-034, A23-046, A23-050, A23-052 and A23-066.
The PACAF F-16 Demonstration Team with two F-16Cs:
90-0802/WW and 90-0820/WW of 14th FS.
Stichting Mat Aeroteam (ultra-lights) with five Solar Wings Quasars:
PH-2A1,  PH-2A2, PH-2A3, PH-2A4 and PH-2A5.

Inside Mashuri convention center exhibition hall:
M20-05			SA316B 		metal, fuselage only
M20-06			SA316B 		fuselage only
M23-22			S61A-4		metal, fuselage only
M25-04			Bulldog 102	bare metal
M29-04			F-5E		12 Skn   
M33-09			PC-7		1 FTC
M42-14			MD3-160		1 FTC
M499-04			Wasp 1		metal, fuselage only

Visitors on the 30th:
M30-04			C-130H 		14 Skn
M30-09 			C-130H-MP 	20 Skn
M30-10 			C-130H-30 	14 Skn
M30-11 			C-130H-30 	20 Skn
M30-15 			C-130H-30 	20 Skn
M43-09			MiG-29N		19 Skn	
M44-02			CN235-220M	21 Skn
M44-06			CN235-220M	21 Skn
M33-41			PVC7		1 FTC
9M-PSO 			Ce208 		Polis Diraja Malaysia
9M-PSP			Ce208 		Polis Diraja Malaysia

Visitors on the 1st:
M30-10 			C-130H-30 	14 Skn 
M30-11			C-130H-30	20 Skn		paradrop
M30-12			C-130H-30	20 Skn 		paradrop
M30-15			C-130H-30	20 Skn 		paradrop
M30-16			C-130H-30	20 Skn
N168BF			BAe125-800XP 	BF		+04

Visitors on the 2nd:
M30-04			C-130H		20 Skn
M30-09			KC-130H		20 Skn
M30-11			C-130H-30	20 Skn
M30-12			C-130H-30	20 Skn
M30-15 			C-130H-30 	20 Skn
M44-02			CN235-220M	21 Skn
A-2803			F28-3000	SkU17
712 			F50-0502	121sq
9M-ISJ			G1159C		Govmt of Johore
9M-TDM			PA-42-1000	Medi Air

Visitors on the 4th:
M30-09 			C-130H-MP 	20 Skn
M30-10			C-130H-30	14 Skn 
M30-11			C-130H-30	20 Skn
M30-12			C-130H-30	20 Skn
M44-05			CN235-220M	21 Skn
9M-AZZ			BAe125-800A	Hornbill Skyways
9M-AAB 			B737-36N 	Air Asia
9M-JPD 			Beech 200 	DCA
9M-NSA 			Ce550
9M-PSP 			Ce208 	        Polis Diraja Malaysia
9V-SLL 			Fokker 70	Silk Air
Visitors on the 5th:
M43-06			MiG-29N		17 Skn		dep06
M43-07			MiG-29N		19 Skn		dep06
M43-10			MiG-29N		19 Skn 		dep06
M43-14			MiG-29N		19 Skn 		dep06
M43-16			MiG-29N		19 Skn 		dep06
M43-18			MiG-29N		19 Skn 		dep06

Visitors on the 6th:
M30-16			C-130H-30	20 Skn
A97-189/89		C-130E		27sq

Flying only on the 1st:
M42-01			MD3-160		1 FTC 
M42-03			MD3-160	        1 FTC 
M42-06			MD3-160	        1 FTC 
M42-07 	                MD3-160	        1 FTC 
M42-08 	                MD3-160	        1 FTC 
M42-10 	                MD3-160	        1 FTC 
M42-11	                MD3-160	        1 FTC 
M42-13 	                MD3-160	        1 FTC 
M42-15 	                MD3-160	        1 FTC 
M43-06		        MiG-29N	        17 Skn
M43-07		        MiG-29N	        19 Skn
M43-14	 	        MiG-29N	        19 Skn
M43-16	 	        MiG-29N	        19 Skn
M43-18 + 1		MiG-29N	 	19 Skn
M45-01			F/A-18D	        18 Skn
M45-03	                F/A-18D	        18 Skn
M45-05	                F/A-18D	        18 Skn
M45-07	                F/A-18D	        18 Skn
M45-08	                F/A-18D	        18 Skn

Flying only on the 5th:
5x 			F/A-18D		18 Skn

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