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Langkawi 2005

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Date: 7-11 December 2005

Made by: Scramble, Keith


Static (* = flying on 10 dec):
M23-16			S-61A-4		3 Skn		7-10th
M40-31			Hawk 208	6 Skn
M43-03*, M43-04		MiG-29N		19 Skn
M43-05*, M43-09*	MiG-29N	        19 Skn
M43-10*, M43-11*	MiG-29N	        19 Skn
M43-14*, M43-15*	MiG-29N	        19 Skn
M43-16			MiG-29N	        19 Skn
M44-04			CN235-220M	21 Skn
M45-01, M45-06*		F/A-18D		18 Skn
M46-01			S-70A		10 Skn
M50-09			PC-7 Mk2	3 FTC
M81-01			A109 LOH	881 Skn
M81-02			A109 LOH	881 Skn		7-10th
M501-5			S Lynx Mk300	501 Skn		7-10th
M994-02			Mi-17-1V	Bomba		ex M49-02?
M994-03* 59489619383	Mi-171		Bomba         
9M-BOB			A109E	        Bomba         
9M-PHB			AS355F2	        Polis		5418  
9M-PHG			AS355N	        Polis		5620  
9M-PSL			Ce208	        Polis		7-10th
9M-PSO			Ce208	        Polis         
MM62165/GF-13		ATR42-400MP	2ºGr/GdiF
CSX55077/61-145*	MB339CD		RSV
04-080/080*		KT-1		3TW/RoKAF
02 wh/131		Yak-130		Yakovlev	7-10th
9M-HAC 1415		EC120B		Int'l Train. & Serv.
F-ZKDW*			EC665 Tiger	Eurocopter	2004
RA-86110		IL-86		Aeroflot
RA-76429		IL-76TD		MChS Rossi

M27-06			Ce402B		2 Skn		11th              
M28-01	                F28-1000	2 Skn		11th      
M30-04	                C-130H-30	20 Skn		10th      
M30-10	                C-130H-30	14 Skn		11th      
M30-12	                C-130H-30	14 Skn		10th      
M30-16	                C-130H-30	20 Skn		10th, 11th
M44-07	                CN235-220M	21 Skn		10th      
M501-3	                S Lynx Mk300	501 Skn		7th       
M502-6	                AS555SN		502 Skn		7th               

Civilians noted December 11th:
9M-MMA, 9M-MQK		B737-4H6	Malaysia Airlines
9M-VIP			AS365N2		Eurocopter
RP-C3282		AS365		Weststar	6021

Porto Malai December 9th/11th:
M501-4			S Lynx Mk300	501 Skn
M502-2			AS555SN		502 Skn

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