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Langkawi 2013

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Langkawi LIMA’13
Date: 26-30 March 2013
M81-09 A109LOH 881 Skn  
M44-03 CN235-220M (21 Skn)  
M45-07 F/A-18D 18 Skn  
M34-17 MB339CM 3 FTC  
M43-04 MiG-29N 17 Skn  
M52-14 Su-30MKM 11 Skn sp.mks. 10MK3204
M501-4 S.Lynx Mk300 501 Skn  
A30-006 B737-7ES 2sq  
325/113-HX Rafale B EC 01.007 114?
329/104-ID Rafale B EC 03.030  
A-2902 C295M 2 Skn?  
RA-78838 Il-76TD 224LO  
673 F-16D 145 sq FMS 01-6022
63 AH-64D (120 sq) FMS 01-2063
70105 JAS39C 701sq 39401
70106 JAS39C 701sq 39402
ZJ925/QO-R Typhoon FGR4 3sq  
160610/LN-610 P-3C VP-45  
C-FAFI DHC-6-400 Airfast Indonesia  
D-CALI Do228-212 RUAG 8155
I-PRDA A109 Grand AgustaWestland 22049
N265NM Beech B300    
N705FJ Falcon 7x    
N974VV KDC-10 Omega 46974
VH-TCP PC-12 Agile Aviation  
9M-CAL Lj60 Flight Calibration Division  
9M-PEC Bell 429   57060
9M-PSG PC-6/B2-H4 Polis Diraja  
9M-STI EC225 MHC 2792
In exhibition Hall A:
9M-ITS Bell 407GX Sassb 54368
M502-1 AS555SN 502 Skn 5709
M502-3 AS555SN 502 Skn 5714
M70-01 AS365N3 APMM 6723
M72-01 AW139 APMM 31307
M72-03 AW139 APMM 31316
M71-01 CL-415MP APMM 2068
M71-02 CL-415MP APMM 2071
M55-01 EC725AP 10 Skn 2817
M55-02 EC725AP (10 Skn) 2840
M40-22 Hawk Mk208 6 Skn  
M34-17 MB339CM 3 FTC  
M994-02 Mi-17-1V UBPM/Bomba 95824
M994-04 Mi-171 UBPM/Bomba  
M43-01 MiG-29NUB 17 Skn  
M43-02 MiG-29NUB 17 Skn 29326
M43-03 MiG-29N 17 Skn spec.tail mks 36587
M43-04 MiG-29N 17 Skn 36590
M43-08 MiG-29N 17 Skn 36594
M43-10 MiG-29N 17 Skn 36598
M43-11 MiG-29N 17 Skn 36599
M23-10 S-61A nn 61482
M52-11 Su-30MKM 11 Skn 10MK3201
M52-16 Su-30MKM 11 Skn 10MK3206
08 blue Su-27 Russkiye Vityazi 38304
10 blue Su-27 Russkiye Vityazi 38405
16 blue Su-27 Russkiye Vityazi 32001
20 blue Su-27UB Russkiye Vityazi 30084
24 blue Su-27UB Russkiye Vityazi 32305
05-5150/HH C-17A 535th AS  
(166)375 C-37A CFSLW  
166659/AD-232 F/A-18F VFA-106  
166660/AD-233 F/A-18F VFA-106  
‘M100-01’/1 EA300/L Krisakti 1213
2 EA300/L Krisakti 1207
3 EA300/L Krisakti 1227
4 EA300/L Krisakti 1269
9M-NOR Lj35A Aerotree  
KT-1B of SkP 102/Team Jupiter:
LD-0101/5, LD-0103/6, LD-0108/8, LD-0109/3
LD-0110/2, LD-0111/1, LD-0112/4
The MiG-29s formed a five-ship demo team named Smokey Bandits, and that is a quite appropriate name :-) The Krisakti aerial display team is a hybrid, being supported and maintained by the air force and flown by air force pilots, the airframes themselves are not military and carry their chief sponsor’s name (Aerotree). The Lynx participated in the maritime demo before relocating to the airport for the airshow weekend 29-30.
Air Power Demonstration:
F-5E, 12 Skn: M29-05 23a, 24a, 24p?, 25a, 26a  
F-5F, 12 Skn: M29-18 23a, 24a, 26a  
F/A-18D, 18 Skn: M45-05 23a, 24a, 24p, 25a, 26a  
  M45-07 23a, 24a, 24p, 25a, 26a  
  M45-08 23a, 24a, 24p, 25a, 26a  
Hawk Mk108, 6 Skn: M40-05 23a, 24a, 24p, 25a, 26a  
Hawk Mk208, 6 Skn: M40-22 23a, 24p, 26a  
  M40-23 24a, 24p, 25a, 26a  
  M40-25 24a, 25a, 26a  
  M40-29 24a  
Hawk Mk208, 15 Skn: M40-24 24a  
  M40-30 24p  
  M40-31 23a, 24a, 24p, 25a, 26a  
  M40-32 24p, 25a  
  M40-33 24a, 25a, 26a  
MB339CM, 3 FTC: M34-14 24a, 26a  
  M34-16 24a, 25a, 26a  
  M34-17 25a, 26a  
  M34-18 24a, 25a, 26a  
  M34-19 24a, 25a  
  M34-21 24a, 24p, 26a  
Su-30MKM, 11 Skn: M52-03 spare only?  
  M52-05 23a, 24a, 24p, 25a, 26a, 26p  
  M52-09 23a, 24a, 25a, 26a, 26p  
  M52-10 23a, 24a, 24p, 25a, 26a, 26p  
  M52-13 25a, 26a, 26p  
  M52-15 23a, 24a, 24p, 25a, 26a, 26p  
  M52-17 23a, 24a, 24p  
a suffix = a.m. power demo rehearsal  
p suffix = p.m. power demo rehearsal  
Rehearsals were held on 23a, 24a/p, 25a/p, 26a. Five Su-30s flew by with a A380 on the 26th during the afternoon, these are marked 26p. All the fighter aircraft operated from RMAFB Butterworth. Also participating in the impressive demo were both EC725APs from the flightline.
Visitors (by no means complete!):
23. M30-06 C-130H-30 14 Skn 29th
  A-1308 C-130B SkU32?
  A-1326 L-100-30 SkU31
  277 AS532UL 126 sq
  9M-PHL AS355  
  9M-YTL AW139  
24. M30-14 C-130H-30 14 Skn 26th,31st
  M44-07 CN235-220M 1 Skn +28th
  60315 ATR-72 603sq
25. M44-06 CN235-220M nb 27th
  M44-08 CN235-220M (1 Skn)
  A-7304 B737-2Q8 17 Skn 26th
  1124 ERJ135LR nn
  73-1214 C-12C USE Flt Bangkok
  60107 C-130H 601sq
  N413JG B737 Weststar
  VP-BEM Global Express Symphony Millennium
  9M-PTC Beech 200 Polis Diraja
26. M30-02 C-130T (20 Skn)
  712 F50-UTA 121sq
  9M-MNE A380-841 Malaysian Airline Systems
  9M-NAA A319-115(CJ) Government
27. M23-16 S-61A-4 3 Skn
  555 A320-214 4sq
29. M30-09 C-130H-MP (20 Skn)
  M30-11 C-130H-30 (20 Skn)
  M37-01 Falcon 900 2 Skn
31. A-1315 C-130H (SkU32)
  60111 C-130H-30 601sq
The A380 on the 26th flew by p.m. with four Su-30s and a fifth as photoship were the same as in the morning air power demo (see above listing ‘26p’).
Harbour quay:
M502-6 AS555SN 502 Skn  
M504-6 S.Lynx Mk300 501 Skn  
M70-02 AS365N3 APMM  
The Dauphin was also seen at the airport on the 23rd and during the show weekend itself.
Ship borne:
S-70B   on RSS Steadfast
The 2013 edition of LIMA, the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition, saw generous participation from the air force. Notably the air power demonstration was very impressive. We have tried to give an accurate account of the daily participants that flew from Butterworth where they were temporarily based for the occasion. Numerous VVIPs from neighbouring countries visited along with local top brass and government officials providing daily shuttles. The ship borne assets were harder to pot as the 68 participating ships were mostly offshore.


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