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Luqa 1994

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Date: 24/25 September 1994

Made by:


140119                CP-140A      14Wg
3779                  F-4F         JG74
3784                  F-4F         JG74
MM81211/15-11         AB212AM      15øSt
MM62130/RS-51         G222         311øGr/RSV     &*
MM62133/46-93         G222         46øBA
MM62143/46-36         G222         46øBA
MM62160/54            P180         311øGr/RSV     &*
9H-AAJ                AB206A       AirSqn/2nd Regt
9H-AAV                SA316B       AirSqn/2nd Regt *
9H-AAX                SA316B       AirSqn/2nd Regt
9H-ACA, 9H-ACC        O-1E         AirSqn/2nd Regt *
9H-ACE                O-1E         AirSqn/2nd Regt
J-143, J-361          F-16A        314sq
XH169/AC              Canberra PR9 39(1PRU)sq
ZG509/CH              Harrier GR7  4sq             *
ZG859                 Harrier GR7  4sq             &
XX345                 Hawk T1A     19(R)sq
XX205/V               Hawk T1A     92(R)sq
XX188/CG              Hawk T1A     100sq
XX247/CM              Hawk T1A     100sq
XV227                 Nimrod MR2P  120sq
ZA563/TC              Tornado GR1  15(R)sq        &*
ZD716/O               Tornado GR1  SAOEU
ZD749/U               Tornado GR1  SAOEU
ZE206/FH              Tornado F3   25sq
161334/LD-1           P-3C         VP-10
9H-ABJ                TB9          Leisure Fl.Serv.
9H-ABW                PA-28-160    Bee Gee Av.Serv.
9H-ACF                PA-31-310    Excelair Serv.
9H-ACG                CeF177RG     Cardinal Aviation
9H-ACI                CeF406       Excelair Serv.
9H-ACL                Ce172M       Paradise Isl.Ser.
9H-ACQ                Ce404        Medavia
RA-24639              Mi-8         Malta Air Charter
N7136N                Beech V35A   C.Hall

MB339As of Frecce Tricolori:     MM54480/0,
MM54479/1, MM54486/2, MM54485/-, MM54473/4,
MM54482/5, MM54439/6, MM54478/7, MM54445/8,
MM54477/9, MM54536/10

& = flying on 24th
* = flying on 25th 

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