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Luqa 1997

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Date: 27 September 1997

Made by: Scramble


2312                  L-410UVP-E   61dlt/Czech AF
4387, 4538            Tornado IDS  MFG2
MM7208/36-11          Tornado F3   12øGr
MM55039/32-53         AMX-T        101øGr
MM54508/61-56         MB339A       212øGr
MM55058/61-41         MB339A       212øGr
MM81213               AB212AM      MITCM
MM25159/8-01          P166DL-3     Guardia Costiera
MM80995/GF-72         NH500MC      G. di Finanza
MM81369/GF-136        A109A        G. di Finanza
MM81455/GF-210        AB412HP      G. di Finanza
9H-AAE                AB47G        AS/2Reg
9H-AAV                SA316B       AS/2Reg
9H-ACE                O-1E         AS/2Reg
9H-ACU                BN-2B        AS/2Reg
9H-ADA                SE3160       AS/2Reg
J-142                 F-16A        323sq
J-209                 F-16B        322sq
XX226, XX235          Hawk T1      74sq    spec. c/s
ZD406/35, ZD406/35    Harrier GR7  1sq
XZ391/A               Jaguar GR1A  16(R)sq
ZE729/CF, ZG770/CC    Tornado F3   5sq
ZA411/AJ-S,ZA460/AJ-A Tornado GR1B 617sq
ZE441/579             Jetstream T2 750sq
63-8874               KC-135R      319th ARW
159848/AJ-212         F-14A        VF-14
164657/AJ-405         F/A-18C      VFA-87

4569                  Tornado IDS  MFG2
XV226/26              Nimrod MR2   Kinloss Wing
XX540/15              Bulldog T1   CFS     spec. c/s
XX698/9               Bulldog T1   CFS
ZD465/55              Harrier GR7  1sq
XZ385/C               Jaguar GR1A  16(R)sq
ZF136/136, ZF137/137  Tucano T1    1FTS
HA-SIF,HA-SIH,HA-SIJ  Z50          Aerotriga
LZ-CAH                Mi-8         Gozo Wings

9H-ACV                Ce172M       EFA
9H-ACW                Ce152        EFA
Also flying were four F-104S'es, one AMX and a Tornado IDS.

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