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Luqa 2003

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Date: 27/28 September 2003

Made by: Scramble, Mark McEwan


CE02			ERJ135LR		21sm              
37+96			F-4F		        FlZ F-4F spec mks 
44+71			Tornado IDS	        JBG31             
45+41			Tornado IDS	        MFG2              
50+92			C-160D		        LTG61             
61+15			Br1150		        MFG3              
MM81208			AB212AM		        MIATM             
MM55029/32-50		AMX-T		        101°Gr            
MM54499/61-45		MB339A		        213°Gr            
MM55082/-		MB339CD		        nb/61°St          
MM62162			P180AM		        71°Gr             
MM54429/70-14		SF260AM	                207°Gr            
MM54527/70-35	        SF260AM	                207°Gr            
MM55015/70-46	        SF260AM	                207°Gr            
MM55017/70-50	        SF260AM	                207°Gr            
MM7086/36-35	        Tornado	                156°Gr            
MM5025N/6-24	        SH-3D	                3°Grupelicot      
MM5026N/6-25	        SH-3D	                3°Grupelicot      
MM81238/E.I.861	        A109EOA-1	        1°GSCdA/CCdA      
MM81423/E.I.953	        A129CBT		        1°GSCdA/CCdA      
MM62158/E.I.103	        Do228-212	        28°GSCdA/CCdA     
MM81508/GF-220	        AB412HP		        CdA/GdF           
MM62165/GF-13	        ATR42-400MP	        2°Gr/GdF          
PS-95			AB212	                4°Reparto Volo/PdS   
LX-N90458	        E-3A		        NAEW&CF           
ZD711/II	        Tornado GR4	        2sq               
ZG750/DY	        Tornado GR4	        31sq              
61-0040/MT	        B-52H		        23rd BS           
63-8884/D	        KC-135R	                351st ARS         
84-0010/LN	        F-15C	                493rd FS          
84-0019/LN	        F-15C	                493rd FS          
910502		        C-26D	                NAF Naples        
AS7201		        AB47G-2	                2nd Rgt           
AS9617		        SE3160	                2nd Rgt           
AS9819		        BN-2B-26	        2nd Rgt           
AS0021		        Bulldog T1	        2nd Rgt           
NZ6361/61	        Strkmstr Mk88	        private           
F-ZBCE		        CeF406		        Douanes Françaises

FA114, FA136		F-16AM			31sm                    
38+50		        F-4F			FlZ F-4F                
44+21		        Tornado IDS		JBG31                    
45+30, 46+20	        Tornado IDS	        MFG2	spec mks         
E32/7-HW, E35/7-HY	Jaguar E	        EC01.007                 
E37/7-HZ		Jaguar E	        EC01.007 tiger mks
9/5-OJ, 21/5-OZ		Mirage 2000C	        EC02.005                 
MM81207			AB212AM		        MIATM                    
I-DPCX/19		CL415		        SOREM                    
ZD433/45, ZD407/36	Harrier GR7	        20(R)sq                  
XX201			Hawk T1A	        208(R)sq                 
XX244			Hawk T1		        208(R)sq                 
XX116/EO		Jaguar GR3A	        6sq                      
XX139/PT	        Jaguar T4	        16(R)sq                  
XX766/PE	        Jaguar GR3A	        16(R)sq	spec mks         
XX835/FY	        Jaguar T4	        41sq                     
XX841/PQ, XX846/PV	Jaguar T4	        16(R)sq                  
XX845/ET		Jaguar T4	        nb                       
XZ115/PD		Jaguar GR3	        16(R)sq                  
XV245			Nimrod MR2	        Kinloss MRW              
ZF143, ZF242		Tucano T1	        1 FTS                    
AS9211, AS9315		SA316B		        2nd Rgt                  
AS9516			BN-2B-26	        2nd Rgt                  
AS0022, AS0023		Bulldog T1	        2nd Rgt                  

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