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Luqa 2008

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Date: 27 September 2008

Made by: Scramble


MM81147 		AB212AM 	MIATM
84003/843 		Tp84 		F7
ZD322/03A 		Harrier GR9 	1sq
ZD376/24A, ZD411/40A 	Harrier GR7 	1sq
ZG508/79 		Harrier GR9A 	1sq
XX245/245 		Hawk T1 	208(R)sq
XX486/CU-67 		Jetstream T2 	750sq
ZA111/CU-65 		Jetstream T2 	750sq
ZF264/264 		Tucano T1 	1 FTS
58-0036/D 		KC-135R 	351st ARS

I-DPCF/23 		CL-415 		DPC-Sorem
ZK453 			Beech 200 	45(R)sq
XX201/201 		Hawk T1A 	208(R)sq
ZF448/448 		Tucano T1 	1 FTS
ZJ805/BD, ZJ812/BK 	Typhoon T1 	29(R)sq
AS0022 			Bulldog T1 	Air Wing
AS9212 			SA316B 		Air Wing
AS9819 			BN-2B-26 	Air Wing

The Hawks of the Red Arrows:
Hawk T1W: XX179, XX292 			
Hawk T1A: XX227, XX253, XX264, XX306 	
Hawk T1   XX233, XX237, XX294, XX308 	

Flying only:
MM81144 		AB212AM 	MIATM
The MM81144 was seen in nearby St Paul’s Bay during the
airshow, but not on Luqa.

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