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Luqa 2009

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Date: 26/27 September 2009

Made by: Scramble, Henry Spiteri


68/8-MO 		Alpha Jet E 	ETO 01.008
E155/8-NP 		Alpha Jet E 	ETO 02.008
MM81145 		AB212AM 	MIATM
MM81164                 AB212AM 	MIATM
AS0925 			C212-200CC 	Air Wing
AS9211                  SA316B 		Air Wing    
AS9819                  BN-2B 		Air Wing     
AS0022                  Bulldog T1 	Air Wing
43+75 		        Tornado IDS 	JBG 31 
57+01                   Do228-212LM 	MFG 3  
J-015                   F-16AM 		313sq #     
J-642                   F-16AM 		311sq       
T-235                   KDC-10 		334sq       
U-05 		        Fokker 50 	334sq    
XS739/F 	        Dominie T1 	55(R)sq 
ZG503/79 	        Harrier GR9 	NSW    
ZG472/62 	        Harrier GR9A 	4sq   
ZD747/095 	        Tornado GR4 	9sq    
ZA604/068 	        Tornado GR4 	nm     
84-0112 	        C-21A 		76th AS      
08-8602/RS 	        C-130J-30 	37th AS  
63-7979/D 	        KC-135R 	351st ARS  
84-0019/LN, 84-0027/LN 	F-15C 		493rd FS
900531 			C-26D 		Naples AOD
166322/BR-41 		MH-60S 		HSC-28
I-DPCC/27 		CL-415 		Sorem
9H-AFJ 			Lj60 		Eurojet Malta

Team Breitling, L-39C:

# = demo colours

Malta International Airshow 2009 took place in the weekend of
26-27 September. The display flying returned to Luqa airfield
after a two year absence due to building of new large hangars
for Lufthansa Technik Malta adjacent to the Airshow static
park. During this two-year absence, the display flying took place
north of the island over the sea in St.Paul`s Bay.
This year`s star attraction were to be two Libyan Air Force fighter
jets, an Su-22 and an Su-24, but they were cancelled a few days
before the event to the disappointment of all aviation community.
Even the Italians were expected to send two F-16s from Trapani
but cancelled their participation.
During the seventeenth edition the Military Air Arms of Malta,
Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and
the United States of America were represented. Most of the
aircraft taking part were on static display throughout the two day
event, except for the beautiful orange coloured F-16 which was
spectacular and precise in its flying display and the civilian operated
Breitling Jet Team display team with their seven L-39Cs
Other flying displays consisted of the locally based Armed Forces
of Malta aircraft such as the loaned CASA 212-200CC AS0925
which took part in parachute droppings and Italian Air Force Malta
based AB212 helicopters which gave the public how operations
are carried out in Search and Rescue emergencies.

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