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Luqa 2011

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Malta Airshow
Date: 24-25 September 2011
258 Lj45 MATS  
MM62182 C-130J 2˚Gruppo TM  
MM81154 AB212AM nn  
MM81750/GF-402 AW139 Guardia di Finanza  
MM81703/GF-315 AW109N Guardia di Finanza  
8207/5A-DOA An-26 Free Libya AF  
5A-DKQ BAe146-300 Air Libya  
502, 508 Mirage F1ED Libya AF  
AS9819 BN-2B-26 Air Wing  
AS0023 Bulldog T1 Air wing  
AS1126 Beech B200MPA Air wing  
AS3211, AS3212 SA316B Air wing  
1118 M28B1TD 28.elMW  
ZA947 Dakota III BoBMF  
XX244, XX245 Hawk T1 208(R)sq  
XX321/321 Hawk T1A 208(R)sq  
XX346/CH Hawk T1A 100sq  
ZD812/104 Tornado GR4 nmk  
ZA410/016, ZG750/128 Tornado GR4 31sq  
ZF240/240, ZF244/244 Tucano T1 1 FTS  
84-0083 C-21A 76th AS  
07-8608/RS C-130J-30 37th AS  
910502 C-26D AOD Sigonella  
165778/BR-53 MH-60S HSC-28  
158929/LN-929 P-3C VP45  
MB-339A/PAN of 313˚Gruppo/AA/Frecce tricolore
MM54551/1, MM54480/1,MM54482/3, MM54534/4, MM54475/5, MM54505/6, MM55052/7,
MM54485/8, MM54518/9, MM54479/10 & MM54500/0
PC-7(NC) of the Pilotenrekrutenshule/PC-7 team:
A-912, A914, A-915, A916, A-922, A-924, A-925, A-926, A-929, A937
Elsewhere(non show):
QA33 Commando 3 8sq  
QA68 AW139 20sq  
A7-MAA C-17A Transort Squadron  
ZD948 Tristar KC1 216sq  
A welcome surprise was an AN-26 of the new Libin armed forces, they also painted the defected Mirages F1 with the new roundels. Not all aircraft seen were participants in the airshow, like the Qataries wcich were present because of their Libian operations, but as they were to be seen, we kept them in the report.,

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