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Malta-Luqa 1998

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Date: 26 September 1998

Made by: David Rickwood


162394/AA-500         EA-6B             VAQ-132 
611/3-XS              M2000D            EC3 
626/3-XH              M2000D            EC3 
ZH663/Q               HarrierT10        20(R)Sqn            gy c/s 
XX725/GU              Jaguar            54Sqn               camo c/s 
XZ366/FS              Jaguar            41Sqn               gy c/s 
ZA613/TL              TornGR1           15Sqn               camo c/s 
44+62                 Tornado           JBG-33 
45+08                 Tornado           JBG-33 
45+43                 Tornado           MFG-2 
XZ112/GA              Jaguar            54Sqn               gy c/s 
XX233                 Hawk              Red Arrows          '1918-1998' 
ZE251/GA              Tornado F3        43Sqn 
MM7007/36-37          Tornado           36°St/156°Gpo       On port side of fin '40000' 
MM55048/32-44         AMX-T             32°St 
MM54463/61-17         MB339A            61BA                gy c/s 
MM55066/61-132        MB339CD II        61BA                gy c/s 
Blue I                SAAB105OE 
XX497/E               Jetstream T1      45(R)Sqn            Sqn mks 
PS-B02                P68               Polizia 
2602                  Let L410          CzechAF 
MM25168/8-10          PL166DL3          Guardia Costiera 
MM81453/GF-208        AB412CS           GdiF 
MM5022N/6-21          SH-3D             MMI                 gy c/s 
MM81183/6-32          SH-3H             MMI                 'SH-3D' on fuselage! 30th ann. mks 
ZA934/BZ              Puma              33Sqn 
ZD574/EH              Chinook           7Sqn 
MM81375               AB212AM           SAR Unit Luqa 
9H-ADF                BN-2              AFoM 
9H-ACD/61-2990        1019              AFoM 
9H-ADB                Alouette III      AFoM 
9H-AAE                Be47              AFoM 
MM62165/GF-13         ATR400M           GdiF 
CNA-MD                CN235M            FAMar 
U-03                  Fokker 60UTA      334Sqn 
140108                CP140             415Sqn 

Flightline near Static: 
XX638                 Bulldog T1                            display c/s 
XX686/4               Bulldog T1 
ZD404/33              Harrier GR7       20(R)Sqn            gy c/s 
ZD433/45              Harrier GR7       20(R)Sqn            gy c/s 

Flightline near Runway: 
L-11                  PC-7              EMVO 
L-12                  PC-7              EMVO 
ZF405/405             Tucano T1         1FTS 
ZF292/292             Tucano T1         1FTS                display c/s 
0006                  L-39MS            CzechAF 
XZ385/C               Jaguar            16(R)Sqn            gy c/s 
X????/A               Jaguar            16(R)Sqn            gy c/s 
J-872                 F-16A             323Sqn 
J-364                 F-16A             nb                  display c/s 
GF-16                 SAAB105OE         OL                  tiger c/s 
XV189/189             Hercules          RAF                 camo c/s 

Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1A: 
All '1918-1998' on fin 

MM????                F-104S             AMI                flybys 
MM????                F-104S             AMI                flybys 
MM????                AMX                AMI                flybys 
MM????                Torn               AMI                flybys 
(AMX & Torn did buddy-buddy demoflyby) 
MM?????               AB212              SAR Unit Luqa      display 
9H-ADA                Alouette III       AFoM               display 
9H-A??                BN-2               AFoM               display 

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