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Acapulco 2006

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Date: 2-5 November 2006

Made by:


80-0168/DM		A-10A		355th Wing      
80-0173/DM		OA-10A	        355th Wing      
88-0492/HL, 90-0725/HL	F-16CG	        4th FS          
58-0104			KC-135R	        136th ARS       
165088/A109		T-45C	        VT-7	spec c/s
AMP-130			RC695A	        Armada de Mexico
N28NB	                T-28B	        Trojan Phlyers  
N45AN	                Beech B45	private     
N45RL	                Beech 90	private     
N82MA	                Ce550		private             
N217SH	                Lim-5	        Fighter Jets   
N421LM	                Ce421	        stored         
N791MH	                T-6G	        Henley Aviation
N991GM	                AT-6C	        MC Aviation    
N3267G	                SNJ-5	        Henley Aivation
N5443U	                T-28B	        Trojan Phlyers 
N7462C	                AT-6F	        5GUS           
N9060F	                T-28B	        Trojan Phlyers 
XB-DEE	                Ce310Q	        private        
XC-JBK	                Bell 206	PGR Acapulco
XC-JBN	                Bell 212	PGR Acapulco
XC-LJK	                UH-1H		PGR Acapulco        
The Alextremo air show was held over the Acapulco Bay. The best place 
to spot and take pictures was the central point of the bay, near the 
hotels and on the beach. The best option was probably to take a room 
on one the highest floors of the hotels with bay view, although backlight 
was a factor during parts of the show. At the airport, access to all 
aircraft was free of obstacles, except for the F-16s and A-10s that were 
at the other side of the public fence, but with a good chance to take 
pictures. Again, at the airport sometimes you found the sun at the back 
of the aircraft, but in most of the cases the light on your side. The 
access fee for the airport static display was about 200 pesos and the 
air show over the bay was free.

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