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Mexico City 2008

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Date: 16 September 2008

Made by:


1094, 1098 		S-70A-24A 	EA.101
AMHP-150 		AS565MB 	nmks

3612, 3613 		C-130E 		EA.302
3614, 3615 		C-130K 		EA.302
3617 			C-130K-30 	EA.302
1582, 1583, 1584 	CH-53-2000 	EA.104
4505, 4506, 4507 	F-5E 		EA.401
4508, 4509 		F-5E            EA.401
4501 			F-5F            EA.401
3011, 3014 		IAI101B 	EA.301
3016 			IAI102 		EA.301
3005, 3006 		IAI201          EA.301
1131, 1132, 1136 	MD530F          EA.112
1155 			MD530MG 	EA.112
1709, 1712, 1713 	Mi-8MTV-1 	EA.303
1714 			Mi-8MTV-1       EA.303
2509, 2519, 2532 	PC-7 		EA.201     
2549, 2556, 2557 	PC-7            EA.201     
2561 			PC-7            EA.201     
2516, 2520, 2525 	PC-7            EA.204     
2564, 2567, 2568        PC-7            EA.204     
2570, 2571, 2572        PC-7            EA.204     
2501, 2522, 2553        PC-7            nn         
2560 +2 		PC-7            nn         
6530, 6535, 6536 	PC-7            EscAvanzado
6546, 6566, 6574        PC-7            EscAvanzado
6575, 6577, 6578        PC-7            EscAvanzado
6579, 6580, 6581        PC-7            EscAvanzado
6582, 6583, 6585        PC-7            EscAvanzado
6586, 6587, 6588        PC-7            EscAvanzado
AMHP-151 		AS565MB 	nmks
AMHP-102, AMHP-105 	Bo105CBS-5 	nmks
AMP-113, AMP-117 	C212-400 	PRIESCPATMAR
AMP-118 		C212-400        PRIESCPATMAR
AMP-162, AMP-164 	Lanc Super ES 	nmks
AMHT-217, AMHT-219 	Mi-8MTV-1 	nmks
AMHT-220, AMHT-221 	Mi-8MTV-1 	nmks

As usual, Mexico celebrated its independence with a traditional
large parade over Mexico City on 16 September. All aircraft
operated from nearby Santa Lucia, where most serials were
noted during take-off and landing. Refer to our airfield guide
for specific vantage spots at this airfield. A huge flock of no
less than forty PC-7s participated this year, taken from various
operational units, as well as the FAM academy. Training for
the event had already started mid-August at Santa Lucia, with
exercises involving both air force and navy aircraft held for the
first time! Our local correspondents managed to fly on board of
one of the CH-53s during the parade, which was plagued by
a low cloud base this year. Participating aircraft made several
passes over downtown Mexico City where thousands of troops
marched by. Visiting Mexican Air Force units seems nearly
impossible nowadays, so attending the independence parade
practises at Santa Lucia is probably your best opportunity
to score a good load of Mexican aircraft and/or make some
decent pictures. The static was situated at downtown Mexico
City’s central Zocalo. It is not known where the static aircraft
operated from.

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