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Zapopan 2008

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Date: 10 February 2008

Made by:


1582 			CH-53-2000 	EA.101       
4503 		        F-5E 		EA.401             
4502 		        F-5F 		EA.401             
1708, 1713 	        Mi-8MTV-1 	EA.303        
6580, 6585 	        PC-7 		EscAvanzado        
2601, 2602 	        PC-9M 		EscInstructores   
6077, 6092 	        PT-13/17 	EscInstructores
1098 		        S-70A-24A 	EA.101        

3504 			B727-14F 	EA.302 
3507 		        B727-264 	EA.302 
TP-03/XC-LJG 	        B737-322 	CGTAP  
5486 + 3 	        Ce182S 		EA.105   
(1x) 		        C-26A 		EVA       
3614 +1 	        C-130K 		EA.302   
(2x) 		        IAI Arava 	EA.301

Flying (only):
1413, 1418, 1424 	Bell 212 	EA.111
3616, 3617 		C-130K-30 	EA.302 *
4505 			F-5E 		EA.401
4506                    F-5E 		EA.401
4501                    F-5F 		EA.401
6104, 6112, 6113 	F260EU 		EscPrimario
6115, 6122, 6123 	F260EU 		EscPrimario
6124, 6130 		F260EU 		EscPrimario
3611 			L-100-30 	EA.302 *
1710, 1716, 1718 	Mi-8MTV-1 	EA.303
1720 			Mi-8MTV-1 	EA.303
2502, 2514, 2516 	PC-7 		nn
2557, 6531, 6565 +14 	PC-7 		nn
6079, 6089, 6098 	PT-13/17 	EscInstructores

796 			AT-6 		near tower
808 			AT-6 		monument
BHB-1525 		AT-11 		near college
EBP-315 		Beech M19A 	on patio
1162 			Bell 206B 	near flightline
523 			PC-7 		monument
EPS-101 		PT-17 		monument
945 			T-28A 		near college
JE-047 			T-33A 		near college
13 			Vampire F3 	near college

Beside the Mexican independence parade on 16 September,
the anniversary of the Fuerza Aérea Mexicana on 10 February
is another great opportunity to watch Mexican military aircraft in
action. A parade was held over BAM5 Zapopan near Guadalajara,
home of the Colegio del Aire, the air force academy. Guest
of honour was President Felipe Calderón, accompanied by his
Secretary of Defence. The event featured around seventy aircraft;
about half of these were visitors from other bases. Aircraft
started to arrive about 3 days prior to the parade to participate
in rehearsals. The Herks operated from nearby Guadalajara
airport, while other aircraft landed after their performance, and
their locations may have changed during the day. Viewing the
parade from the static area and parade grounds was hindered
by backlight, but the airfi eld has a few good spots near both runway
ends as well from where decent pictures could be made.

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