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De Kooy 1983

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Date: 1 July 1983

Made by:


A-499,A-543		Alouette III	300Sqn "grasshoppers"
A-451                   Alouette III    GPLV
12401                   CH-124        	423Sqn
S-196                   Lynx MK 80   	RDN
83+12                   Lynx MK 88   	MFG3
XZ690/330               Lynx HAS 2   	815Sqn
ZD252/303               Lynx HAS 3   	815Sqn
ZD253/304               Lynx HAS 3   	815Sqn
PH-RPS                  Bo.105C        	Rijkspolitie
PH-IIB                  AT-16ND      	St.Vliegsport G.R.
218,234                 AT-16ND       	St.V G.R.(FokkerD21's)

256/V                   SP-13A          321Sqn
304/V                   P-3C            320Sqn
C-7                     F-27-300M       334Sqn also landed
F.-..                   F-16            BAF  (high overhead)
672                     F-16A           nn

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