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De Kooy 2007

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Date: 15 September 2007

Made by: Scramble


M1 			SA316B 		40sm                
57+01 		        Do228-212LM 	MFG3           
163544 		        SH-2G 		28.elMW              
XX488/CU-562 	        Jetstream T2 	750sq         
N-088/CSX81697 	        NH90NFH 	Agusta Westland    
R-01 		        AB412SP 	303sq              
S-445 		        AS532U2 	300sq              
267, 283 	        SH-14D 		MARHELI             
D-EHCB 		        L-18C 		ex Belgium OL-L45    
F-GIBN 		        MH1521M 	ex France 261/30-QA
G-AJPI "314887"         Argus III 	ex RAF HB614     
G-ISSU 		        EC155B1 	Bristow Helicopters
HA-ANI 		        An-2P 		St. Antonov Ned.     
LN-OLC 		        AS332L 		Norsk Helikopter    
(N751PJ) 	        MS760 		std                  
N57797 "298248/6C-C" 	L-5 		ex 42-98036
PH-ACG 			S11-1 		ex KLu E-36         
PH-ENJ                  L-21B 		ex KLu R-170        
PH-JFL                  PC-6/B2-H4 	private        
PH-KHV                  Beech D18S 	as KLu "G-29"  
PH-MLM                  AT-16 		ex KLu B-71         
PH-PBA                  DC-3C 		DDA, ex 42-100971   
PH-PBY                  PBY-5A 		as MLD "16-218"    
PH-SHO                  EC155B1 	CHC Helicopters NL
PH-SHK                  AB139 		CHC Helicopters NL  
PH-MNZ                  Do228-212 	Kustwacht       
PH-NZS                  S-76B 		CHC Helicopters NL  
PH-NZW                  S-76B 		CHC Helicopters NL  
RA-1771K 		Yak-52
RA-3411K/62 		Yak-52 		c/n 877803

L-06 			PC-7 		131EMVOsq
265, 273 		SH-14D 		MARHELI
D-FONL "DM-SKL" 	An-2T 		ex East German 888
JY-RFA, JY-RFB 		Extra300 	Royal Jord. Falcons
JY-RFC, JY-RFD 		Extra300 	Royal Jord. Falcons
ES-TLE 			L-39
G-OFFO, G-ZEXL 		Extra300 	Blades
G-ZXCL, G-ZXEL 		Extra300 	Blades
PH-AFS 			S11-1	 	ex KLu E-14
PH-HOK 			S11-1 		ex KLu E-29
PH-SLO 			S11-1 		ex KLu E-38
TC-ABS 			S-2S 		Ali Ozturk
Plus six L-39s of the Breitling team.

Maintenance hangar:
262, 268, 272 		SH-14D 		MARHELI

A-260 SE3160 std
261, 274, 279, 281 	SH-14D 		MARHELI

SAR hangar:
280 			SH-14D 		MARHELI

Paint hangar:
260, 278 		SH-14D 		MARHELI

G-BUOR 			CASA 1.131E 	ex Spain E.3B-508
G-ISST 			EC155B1 	Bristow Helicopters
OY-HSL                  EC155B1 	Dancopter          
PH-FLF                  Ce337B 		Flying Focus        
PH-NZT                  S-76B 		CHC Helicopters NL   

Joyflights/normal traffic:
G-TIGE 			AS332L1 	Bristow Helicopters
OY-SHK                  EC155B1 	Dancopter          
PH-NZD                  S-61N 		CHC Helicopters NL   
PH-SHL                  AB139 		CHC Helicopters NL   
PH-SHN                  EC155B1 	CHC Helicopters NL 

0210 			MiG-21F-13 	pres, ex Czech AF
220/K 			AB204B 		pres, gate
216/V 			SP-2H 		pres, near gate

Flying only:
G-BWGL "N-321" 		Hunter T8C 	ex RAF XF357

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