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Deelen 1992

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Date: 3 September 1992

Made by: Pieter van 't Hof, Niels Quist


A67		Alouette II		17 sm
H01		A109HO			SLV
RS-02		Sea King Mk 48		40 sm
H-209		H369M			HaerFl
P-255		AS550C-2		HaerFl
U-278		S-61A			Esk722
71+04		UH-1D			HTG64
75+09		Alouette II		HFS900
75+25		Alouette II		HFS900  (spec. c/s)
85+08		CH-53G			HFR15
86+42		Bo-105			HEER
93+65		Mi-8T			HFSOst2			
93+76		Mi-8T			HFSOst
93+86		Mi-8T			HFSOst
94+01		Mi-8T			MFHG
94+12		Mi-8T			MFHG
2301/AIH	AS332M			4RHCM
ZD980/BJ	Chinook HC1		18 sqn
XW222/BX	Puma HC1		18 sqn
9503		SA330L			Esq751
09203/03	Hkp9B			AF1/Armen
A-177		Alouette III		300 sqn
A-209		Alouette III		300 sqn
A-374		Alouette III		300 sqn
A-399		Alouette III		300 sqn
A-452		Alouette III		300 sqn
A-494		Alouette III		300 sqn
A-514		Alouette III		300 sqn  (UN c/s)
A-522		Alouette III		300 sqn
B-40		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
B-44		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
276		SH-14C			860 sqn

A57		Alouette II		17 sm
XX447/U		Gazelle AH1		3Regt
XZ193/I		Lynx AH7		656 sqn
XZ199		Lynx AH7		654 sqn
XW227/DN	Puma HC1		33 sqn   (230sqn-code)
ZA105/S		SeaKing HAR 3		202 sqn
XY680		Wessex HC2		22 sqn
C-2		F-27 - 100		334 sqn
H-67		Alouette III		S.A.R.
L-06		Pc-7			EMVO
273		SH-14B			860 sqn

XW864/554-CU	Gazelle HT2		Sharks (705 sqn)
XW884/541-CU	Gazelle HT2		Sharks (705 sqn) 
XW907/548-CU 	Gazelle HT2		Sharks (705 sqn)
XX441/538-CU	Gazelle HT2		Sharks (705 sqn)
ZB647/559-CU	Gazelle HT2		Sharks (705 sqn)
XZ607/M		Lynx AH7		Eagles (671 sqn)
XZ648/D		Lynx AH7		Eagles (671 sqn)
XZ675/E		Lynx AH7		Eagles (671 sqn)
ZD279/C		Lynx AH7		Eagles (671 sqn)
A-350		Alouette III		Grasshoppers
A-390		Alouette III		Grasshoppers
A-398		Alouette III		Grasshoppers
A-453		Alouette III		Grasshoppers
A-465		Alouette III		Grasshoppers

A-260		Alouette III 		300 sqn
A-301		Alouette III 		300 sqn
A-483		Alouette III 		300 sqn
A-488		Alouette III 		300 sqn
A-515		Alouette III 		300 sqn
A-521		Alouette III 		300 sqn
A-528		Alouette III 		300 sqn
A-542		Alouette III 		300 sqn
A-499		Alouette III 		Grasshoppers
B-37		Bo-105CB		299 sqn	
B-38		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
B-47		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
B-63		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
B-67		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
B-72		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
B-75		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
B-78		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
B-80		Bo-105CB		299 sqn
B-83		Bo-105CB		299 sqn

Maintenance hangar:
A-452		Alouette III		300 sqn
A-494		Alouette III		300 sqn
A-324		Alouette III		Grasshoppers

D-8098		F-104G

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