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Den Helder 1990

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Date: 22/23 June 1990

Made by: Piet Luijken, Elvin Cornelissen

Updated: 23 March 2007

XZ237/412-CW    Lynx HAS.3      829sq           on board HMS Cornwall
ZE420/134       Seaking HAS.5 	826sq           flying only
12431           CH-124A 	423sq           on board
150154/HY-337	SH-2F           HSL-36		on board USS Stark
151316/132      SH-2F           HSL-32          on board USS Pharris
267		SH-14B		860sq		seen on 22nd
271/KN		SH-14B		860sq		on board HRMS Callenburg
273/K		SH-14B		860sq		seen on 22nd

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