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Eelde 2005

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Date: 27 August 2005

Made by: Scramble, Bert Visser


72+72			UH-1D		THR10            
S-459	                AS532U2		300sq            
D-EGMG	                L-4H		ex USAAF 44-79709
D-EHCB	                L-18C		ex Belgium OL-L45
D-HSAN	                EC135P2		ADAC             
ES-TLA	                L-39ZO		Skyline Aviation 
G-AJPI "314887"		Argus III	ex RAF HB614
G-BBMX			Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WP924     
G-BUVN	                CASA 1.131E	ex Spain E.3B-487
HA-ANI	                An-2P		St. Antonov Ned.         
N116MA	                Lj36A	        Skyline Aviation 
N8233	                DH82A	        ex RAF EM729     
N9912H	                B75N-1	        ex USN Bu07609   
N57797 "298248"		L-5	        ex USAAF 42-98036
PH-BOA			Mu-2B-60	Quick A/W
PH-PBA			DC-3C		ex USAAF 42-100971
PH-PBY			PBY-5A		as MLD "16-218"
RA-3085K, RA-3326K	Yak-52		Yakkes Foundation

L-11			PC-7		131EMVOsq       
D-EEGD	                P149D		ex Germany 92+18
D-EERP	                FwP149D		ex Germany 91+77
D-EFTU	                FwP149D		ex Germany 90+73
D-EGIT	                P149D		as "AS+411"     
D-EIFE	                FwP149D		ex Germany 91+08
ES-TLB, ES-YLF		L-39C		Breitling Team  
ES-YLP, ES-YLR		L-39C	        Breitling Team  
ES-YLS, ES-YLX		L-39C	        Breitling Team  
ES-YLZ			L-39C	        Skyline Aviation
G-AJHS	                DH82A	        ex RAF N6866    
G-ASJV	                Spitfire LF9c	ex RAF MH434
G-BTCD "413704"		P-51D		ex USAAF 44-73149
G-BWWX			Yak-50		private
G-CVIX			Sea Vixen D3	ex RN XP924
G-FGID "KD345/A-130"	FG-1D		ex USN Bu88297
G-HAEC "472218/WZ-I"	CA-18 Mk22	ex Australia A68-192
G-PSST			Hunter F58A	ex Swiss J-4104
G-RUMM	                F8F-2P		ex USN Bu121714        
G-RUMT	                F7F-3P	        ex USN Bu80425   
G-SABR	                F-86A	        ex USAF 48-0178  
G-TBRD	                CT-133	        ex Canada 21261  
N320SQ "232511"		TB-25N	        ex USAAF 44-29507
N4109C			T-6G	        ex SAAF 7727     
PH-ACG	                Fokker S11-1	ex KLu E-36    
PH-AFS	                Fokker S11-1	ex KLu E-14    
PH-HOK	                Fokker S11-1	ex KLu E-29    
PH-HOL	                Fokker S11-1	ex KLu E-27    
PH-MLM	                AT-16		ex KLu B-71            
PH-PSI	                P-51D		ex USAAF 44-74425      
SE-DXS	                Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1196

Flying only:
265			SH-14D		MARHELI

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