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Leeuwarden 2011

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3H-FG               PC-7            Lehrabteilung  #
AT10                Alpha  Jet      11sm
FB22                F-16BM          2w
3369                Mi-35           221.lbvr
FF-3                F27-400M        TukiLLv
116/315-YG          TB-30           EPAA00.315
F-GUKM              Grob 120A       E-CATS
30+70               EF2000          JG74
37+01               F-4F            JG71
72+64               UH-1D           THR10
J-020, J-060        F-16AM          322sq
J-142               F-16AM          322sq  (shelter)
J-219               F-16A           i/a
J-202, J-881        F-16AM          323sq
N-195               NH90-NFH        860sq
U-05                Fokker 50       334sq
677                 F-16AM          FLO
308                 Su-22UM-3K      8.elt
ZH837/503           Merlin HM1      829sq
ZA166/CU-816        Sea  King HU5   771sq
86-0175/LN          F-15C           493rd FS
86-0182/LN          F-15D           493rd FS
88-0525/AV          F-16CG          510th FS
90-0777/AV          F-16DG          510th FS
ES-TLE              L-39C           Skyline
N116MA              Lj-35           Skyline
PH-CGN              Do228-212       Kustwacht

SAR Hangar:
R-02                AB412SP         303sq  

Hangar3 area:
B-77                Bo105CB        i/a
D-664               CH-47D         298sq
J-193, J-624        F-16AM         323sq
J-266               F-16B          i/a
J-516               F-16AM         322sq
J-623               F-16AM         nb
L-12                PC-7           131EMVOsq
Q-05                AH-64D         301sq
S-445               AS532-U2       300sq

Static  flightline:
HN-424              F-18C           HävLLv 31
03                  C-17A           HAW
J-015               F-16AM          demo team  #
G-871               C-130H          336sq
Q-17                AH-64D          301sq  #
T-235               KDC-10          334sq
67                  MiG-29A         1.elt
91-0011             F-16C           134 Filo  #
84-0083             C-21A           76th AS
NC39165             DC-2            DDA  “PH-AJU”
On this  part of  the  flightline the solo  aircraft were  parked.

Flightline  end  of taxiway static:
A-247, A-275,  A-301  SA316B         300sq
R-03                  AB412SP        303sq
S-457                 AS532U2        300sq
98+62                 Su-20          pres as  56 red

3H-FA                PC-7            Lehrabteilung
H26,H27              A109BA          Wingheli
FA95                 F-16AM          10w
FA110                F-16AM          10w  #
RS04                 Sea King Mk48   40sm
E98/705-MF           Alpha Jet E     EAC05.330
E138/705-RQ          Alpha Jet E     EAC00.314
MM7306               EF2000          311°Gruppo/RSV
MM55068/RS-33        MB339CD         311°Gruppo/RSV  
D-103, D-663         CH-47D          298sq
Q-13,  Q-23,         AH-64D          301sq
Q-25,  Q-30          AH-64D          301sq
S-447                AS532-U2        300sq
69-033               C-160D          221  Filo
XZ722/645            Lynx HMA8SRU    702sq  #
XZ692/641            Lynx HMA8SRU    702sq  #
ZD265/644            Lynx HMA8SRU    702sq
ZF244/244            Tucano T1       1FTS  
ZF287/287            Tucano T1       1FTS
ZF378/378            Tucano T1       1FTS  #
XX220/220            Hawk T1A        208(R)sq
XX245                Hawk T1         208(R)sq  #
G-BYWL               Tutor  T1       16/115(R)sq
F-GLHF               CM170           ex France  406
G-VETA               Hunter T7       ex RAF XL600
G-PRII               Hunter PR11     ex RAF XG194
G-GAII               Hunter GA11     ex RAF XE685
G-BXFI               Hunter T7       ex RAF WV372
G-KAXF  “N-294”      Hunter F6A      ex RAF XF515
G-GWGL ”N-321”       Hunter T8       ex RAF XF357
How  exciting can it  be to  see  six  flying Hawker  Hunters  in one day!  
Two  examples of  the  Dutch  Hawker Hunter  Foundation en  Four items from  Team Viper 
which  gave a great demonstration showing us  these  fabulous historic  jets.

SF-260M+  5sm/ Red Devils:
ST03,  ST04,  ST15,  ST23,  ST27

Hawk  T1/A*  of the Red Arrows:
XX227*,  XX237, XX242,  XX264*,  XX266*,  XX306*,  XX308, XX319*, XX284/CA*
The  Red  Arrows were  joined by  a  black  100sq  example  since  one  of their Hawks crashed a few weeks ago 
and  they did not had a spare aircraft  available. Also  the  Saturday show  was  cancelled  due  to sickness  of one of  the  pilots.

Alha Jet E  EPAA20.300 Patrouille de France:
E134/F-TERM/0, E85/F-UGFF/1, E163/F-TERE/2,  E46/F-UHRF/3
E130/F-TERP/4, E117/F-RCAI/5,  E44/F-UHRE/6,  E162/F-TERJ/7
E158/F-TERF/8, E114/F-TERR/-

Extra 300 of  the  Royal  Jordanian  Falcons:

F-16s in  airpower demo:
J-064                F-16BM          322sq  16,17
J-201, J-509,  J-632 F-16AM          322sq    16,17
J-210                F-16BM          322sq  17
J-513                F-16AM          323sq  16
J-631, J-868         F-16AM          323sq  16,17
J-632, J-879         F-16AM          322sq  16,17

Flying  only:
LX-N90444            E-3A            NAEWF
G-275                C-130H-30       336sq
T-264                KDC-10          334sq

R86/61-ZD            C-160R          ET00.061
HN-405               F-18C           HävLLv 21
J-013                F-16AM          nb  16
J-511                F-16AM          312sq  #
J-872                F-16AM          323sq/demo Team
89-0022              F-16C           141  Filo
The  Volkel F-16s were present as spares, in case the Leeuwarden squadrons could not get enough operational F-16s in the air.

Support Aircraft:
MM62184/46-49        C-130J          50°Gruppo  19
MM62190/46-56        C-130J-30       50°Gruppo  15
345                  C-130H          3sq  19
1503                 C-130E          14.eltr  15,19
ZD565                Lynx HMA8SRU    702sq  16
84-0110              C-21A           76th AS  17
The  Lynx made a stop enroute to Kiel where a British detachment was.

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