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Gilze-Rijen 1977

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Date: 18 June 1977

Made by:

Updated: 3 November 2002

K-3026                NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K-3030                NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K-3031                NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K-3048                NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K-3065                NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K-3066                NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
D-8062       	      F-104G                       NO.312 SQN    
D-8258       	      F-104G                       NO.312 SQN    
P-170		      F-84F			   Open Store
P-191		      F-84F			   Open Store
P-230        	      F-84F                        NO.314 SQN/Museum
P-261		      F-84F			   Open Store
P-277		      F-84F			   Open Store
M-5       51-9028     T-33A                        NO.313 SQN TVO
N-305                 HUNTER T.MK.7                KLu Museum 
N-122                 HUNTER F.MK.6                NO.325 SQN/Museum
I-19                  METEOR T.MK.7                NO.322 SQN 
250       V           SP13A                        NO.321 SQN MLD 
236       K 	      AH12                         NO.860 SQN MLD 
C-4          	      F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN     
C-8                   F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN     
R-87      53-4785     L-21B                        NO.300 SQN GPLV
B-5       43-12892    T-6G                         NO.    SQN     
B-12      43-13200    T-6G                         NO.    SQN     
B-184     43-12801    T-6G                         NO.    SQN     
B-219                 T-6G                         NO.    SQN     
B-241                 T-6G                         NO.    SQN     
B-71                  BO105                        NO.299 SQN     
B-79                  BO105                        NO.299 SQN     
H-67                  SA316                        NO.300 SQN SAR 
A-218                 SA316                        NO.298 SQN     
A-266                 SA316                        NO.298 SQN     
A-319                 SA316                        NO.298 SQN     
A-351                 SA316                        NO.298 SQN     
A-383                 SA316                        NO.298 SQN     
RT507		      AUSTER AOP.5		   preserved
MZ236                 AUSTER AOP.6                 preserved
PG690     A10         TIGER MOTH                   NO.    SQN 
N9508                 TIGER MOTH                   preserved SVGR 
75-0293   DM          A-10A                        355TFW/333TFS 
75-0062   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/525TFS 
72-01568              YF-16A                       AFFTC/6512TS 
74-1654   CR          F-4E                         32TFS/17AF 

68-0016   UH          F-111E                       20TFW/77TFS RED 
74-1677               C-130H                       463TAW 
XV402     Q           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.92 SQN 
XX826     AD          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.14 SQN 
BA07        	      MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL 
MT14                  CM170R                       7/9SMALDEEL      
A-006                 A35XD                        ESK.725          
E37       11-ME       JAGUAR E                     EC2/11 VOSGES 
G-BDXZ		      Pitts S2a
G-BECZ		      Cap10
G-BEEP		      Thunder Ax5 HAFB
PH-257		      Gyro Glider		   Air Cadets
PH-CTA		      Ce500 Citation
PH-RLB		      Saab Safir
PH-RPV		      Bo105			   Police
PH-ZBL		      Fokker 28


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