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Gilze-Rijen 2000

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Date: 11 May 2000

Made by: Scramble, Alex Smit, Arno Cornelissen, Ramon Berk


The Students Society "Leonardo da Vinci" of the faculty of
Aeronautical Engineering of Delft University of Technology was
celebrating its 55th birthday with an airshow at Gilze-Rijen.

Inside hangar 410:
B-38		Bo-105CB	preserved
B-72		Bo-105CB	299sq

AT32		Alpha Jet	1w
3854		F-4F		JG73
MM6739/5-47	F-104S-ASA-M	23ยบ Gruppo
B-48		Bo-105CB	299sq
J-270		F-16B		306sq	spec. 313sqn c/s
Q-01		AH-64D		302sq
85-25480	AH-64A		301sq	in hangar
S-442		AS532U-2	300sq
U-02		F-60UTA-N	334sq
ES-YLL		L-39ZO		Skyline Aviation ex GAF 2802
G-BBMX		DHC-1-22	Chipmunk 4 Ever Foundation (ex WP924 RAF)
I-ACTC		P.180		Piaggio
N116MA		Lj36A		Skyline Aviation
N8484T		MU-2B-35	Skyline Aviation
PH-APA		PA-18-135	Rainbow Aviation
PH-APZ		Lambach HL II
PH-EAG		Euro-Enaer EE10	Euro-Enaer Holding
PH-NEH		Auster J/5B
PH-NEN		Ce195
PH-SGA		T67C		KLM Luchtvaartschool
PH-TGF		PA-28-181	NNAC Eelde
PH-UCS		L-4J		"R-345"
PH-VLK		PA-28-181	KLM Luchtvaartschool
PH-VVB		RC114B		Lenkair

MT14		CM170		7sm/1w demo c/s
ZA322/TAC	Tornado GR1	15(R)sq
ZA355/TAA	Tornado GR1	15(R)sq
J-511		F-16AM		315sq
L-02		PC-7		131EMVOsq
301		P-3C		MARPAT 

D-EZOZ		EA-300L                                           
F-BNYC	        GY-80-160D                                        
G-FFOX	        Hunter T7A	Delta Eng. Av. 'WV318'            
G-PELG	        CAP-231		JPM Groot Pelgrim                         
N320SQ	        TB-25N		DoBAF "42-32511/NS149"                    
N5369X	        Beech D18S-3NM	KLu Historische Vlucht "G-29"     
N7705C	        A-26C		Hist. Invader Av. '44-35710/58'           
N9912H	        Boeing N2S-3	"Old Crow"                        
OO-NUE	        Pitts S2Al                                        
PH-ASE	        DR-1050		Twin-Air                                  
PH-DDS	        DC-4-1009	DDA                               
PH-DDZ	        DC-3C-S1C3G	DDA                               
PH-DHC	        DHC-2 Mk1	KLu Historische Vlucht 'S-9'      
PH-GAZ	        PA-18-135	KLu Historische Vlucht 'R-109'    
PH-GRB	        S.11-1		KLu Historische Vlucht 'E-20'             
PH-GRH	        Ce172P		KLu Historische Vlucht                    
PH-GZC	        Bellanca 8GCBC	Stichting Sleepvliegen Gilze Rijen
PH-IIB	        AT-16ND		KLu Historische Vlucht 'B-118'            
PH-KLU	        AT-16ND		"XS249"                                   
PH-KNR	        PA-18-135	KLu Historische Vlucht 'R-177'    
PH-LAB	        Ce550		NLR                                       
PH-LAG	        PA-28-181	                                  
PH-LSK	        AT-16ND		KLu Historische Vlucht 'B-64'             
PH-MLM	        AT-16ND		KLu Historische Vlucht 'B-71'             
PH-PBB	        L-5B-VW		KLu Historische Vlucht                    
PH-TBR	        AT-16ND		'FS688'                                   
PH-TEY	        SC01B-160                                         

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