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Gilze-Rijen 2001

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Date: 9-11 August 2001

Made by: Scramble, Sven Scheffers, Arno Cornelissen


A-275			SE3160		300sq       
B-67	                Bo105CB	        instr		9th  
B-75	                Bo105CB	        299sq		10th 
B-77	                Bo105CB	        299sq       
D-102	                CH-47D	        298sq       
Q-01	                AH-64D	        302sq       
R-03*	                AB412SP	        303sq       
PH-DHC "S-9" *		DHC-2	        KLu Hist Flt
PH-IIB 'B-118'		AT-16		KLu Hist Flt	10th
PH-KNR 'R-177' *	PA-18-135	KLu Hist Flt	9th
PH-TBR "FS668" *	Harvard IIB	KLu Hist Flt	9th
* = also flying

5605			An-24V		32 DK
L-07			PC-7		131(EMVO)sq
Q-05, Q-14		AH-64D		302sq		10th
Q-09			AH-64D		301sq
U-03			F-60UTA-N	334sq
N4109C			T-6C		private
PH-GAU 'R-181'		L-21B		KLu Hist Flt	10th         
PH-GAZ 'R-109'	        L-21B	        KLu Hist Flt	10/11th
PH-GRB 'E-20'	        S-11-1	        KLu Hist Flt	11th
PH-HOI 'E-32'	        S-11-1	        KLu Hist Flt	10/11th
PH-KLU "XS-249"	        AT-16	        KLu Hist Flt	11th
PH-LSK 'B-64'	        AT-16	        KLu Hist Flt	10/11th
PH-NGK 'R-18'	        Auster AOP3	KLu Hist Flt	11th
PH-OUQ "3W-17"	        Spitfire LF9	KLu Hist Flt	11th 
PH-PBB			L-5B	        KLu Hist Flt	10th                 
PH-PPW 'R-122'	        PA-18-135	KLu Hist Flt	10/11th
PH-RLA			Saab 91D	SLOL		11th
OO-GWA "V66"		SV-4C		private		10th
OO-YUG			Z-526M		ex YugoslavAF	11th
And the Biely Albatrosy with the following L-39Cs:
0112/1	0442/2	0101/4	0111/5 	0102/6	0443/7
Flying only:
A-301			SE3160		300sq		10th       
J-016			F-16AM	        311sq		9th        
J-135, J-193		F-16AM	        311sq		10th       
J-204, J-874		F-16AM	        311sq		10th       
J-254			F-16AM	        313sq		9th        
J-269			F-16BM	        311sq		10th       
J-058, J-362		F-16AM	        315sq		11th       
L-04			PC-7	        131(EMVO)sq	9th
N320SQ "232511"		TB-25N	        DoBAF		11th       

Bo105CBs in 299 squadron hangar (on Thursday):
B-39, B-41, B-44, B-47, B-64, B-68, B-69, B-75, B-78 en B-80

AH-64DNs in 301 squadron hangar (on Thursday):
Q-04, Q-08, Q-10, Q-15 en Q-16
The Q-15 and Q-16 were also flying on Saturday.

B-42			Bo105CB		preserved                
"B-00"	                Bo105CB	        half frame       
B-184	                AT-16	        stored           
D-8062	                F-104G	        preserved        
G-29	                Beech D18S	under restoration
P-191	                F-84F		preserved                
K-3003	                NF-5A		pres as "K-3066"         

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