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Gilze-Rijen 2014

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Gilze-Rijen Air force days
Date: 20-21 June 2014
Static Display on Runway 20/02:
RN02 NH90-NFH 40sq  
6078 L-159T1  
613/133-MO Mirage 2000D EC03.003  
101/315-XR, 118/315-YI TB-30 EPAA00.315 $
67 EMB121AN 28F  
45+57 Tornado IDS TLG33  
16706 C295M Esq502  
26 C295M 13.eltr  
4110 MiG-29GT 41.elt  
2718 L-410UVP-E 2 DoR  
5304 MiG-29UBS 1.SLK  
73-1020, 73-1046 F-4E-2020 112 Filo  
ZF290/290 Tucano T1 72sq  
ZZ503 Avenger T1 750sq ex 28+17
ES-TLE L-39ZO Skyline Avn  
G-BWGL “N-321” Hunter T8C ex XF357/DHHF  
G-ONAA OV-10B ex GAF 99+18  
I-X010 Blackshape Prime    
N590D O-2A ex USAF 721300  
G-273 C-130H-30 336sq  
L-02 PC-7 131EMVOsq  
Static Display grass area:
H-41 A109BA 1W  
4059/GBF SA342M 1RHC $
86+28 Bo105P1 KHR26 $
86+49 Bo105P1 KHR26  
82+65 EC135T1 HFWS  
6608 SW-4 41.BLSz  
ZA137/CU-820 Sea King HU5 771sq  
D-EFTU P149D ex 90+73/Seagull Form.  
D-EERP P149D ex 91+77/Seagull Form.  
D-EEGD P149D ex 92+18/Seagull Form  
Static Display shelter area:
B-41 Bo105CB-4 std  
D-665 CH-47D 298sq  
J-062 F-16AM 313sq shelter 617
J-248 F-16A travel exhibit shelter 613
J-266 F-16B i/a  
J-637 F-16AM 312sq  
L-07 PC-7 131EMVOSsq  
N-195 NH90-NFH 860sq shelter 615
Q-13 AH-64DN 301sq shelter 612
S-444 AS532U2 300sq (std) shelter 616
S-458 AS532U2 300sq (std) (in tent)
261 SH-14D std  
268 SH-14D std  
Static Display compount:
D-101 CH-47D 298sq  
D-891 CH-47F 298sq  
Q-08, Q-26, Q-29 AH-64DN 301sq  
Static Display 50 years Alouette III:
A-253 SE3160S i/a Spec. c/s (inside tent)
A-366 SE3160S nmk  
A-391 “A-453” SE3160S Grasshoppers c/s (in tent)  
Parked / Flying from 298sq ramp:
RS04 Sea King Mk48 40sq  
N-277 NH90-NFH 860sq  
Parked / Flying from 300sq ramp:
3E-LC SE3160 VeHSSTa $
86+70 Bo105P1 HFWS  
PH-AFS S11-1 ex E-14/Fokker Four  
PH-HOL S11-1 ex E-27/Fokker Four  
PH-HOK S11-1 ex E-29/Fokker Four  
PH-HOG “E-39” S11-1 ex E-199/Fokker Four  
EC120B 782Esc/Patrulla Aspa:
HE.25-3/78-22, HE.25-8/78-27, HE.25-9/78-28
HE.25-11/78-30, HE.25-12/78-3, HE.25-14/78-33
Parked / Flying from 301sq ramp:
FA84 F-16AM 2w  
6054 L-159A  
519, 521 F-16C 340 Mira  
921 MiG-29AS 1.SLK  
J-5005, J-5009 F/A-18C FlSt17  
J-065 F-16BM 322sq  
J-142, J-631 F-16AM 322/323sq  
G-KAXK “N-294” Hunter F6A ex XF515/DHHF  
PH-CGN Do228-212 Kustwacht  
Parked / Flying from visitor ramp:
PA474/KC-A Lancaster B1 BoBMF  
MK356/5J-K Spitfire LF.IXE BoBMF  
PS915 Spitfire PR.XIX BoBMF  
S-419 AS532U2 300sq  
D-FONL “DM-SKL” An-2T ex NVA 888  
PH-PSI “474425/OC-G” P-51D ex RCAF9591  
PH-LSK AT-16ND ex B-64/ KLuHV  
PH-TBR AT-16ND ex B-182/ KLuHV  
PH-DHC DHC-2 Mk1 ex S-9/ KLuHV  
PH-OUQ Spitfire LFIXC ex H-25/ KLuHV  
PH-XXV “232511” TB-25N ex USAAF 44-29507  
PH-PBA C-47A ex USAAF 42-100971  
PH-PBY “16-218” PBY-5A ex USN 2459  
G-BWTG Chipmunk T10 ex RAF WB671  
Hawk T1/A*/W^ of the Red Arrows
XX219*, XX242, XX244, XX245, XX278*
XX310^, XX311, XX319*, XX322, XX323
Parked / Flying from runway 20/02:
A-275, A-292, A-301 SA316B 300sq $
Q-17 AH-64DN 301sq  
Participating in Air Power Display:
D-106, D-661, D-663 CH-47D 298sq  
D-892 CH-47F 298sq  
G-781 C-130H 336sq $
J-002 F-16AM 323sq  
J-201, J-632 F-16AM 322sq  
J-511 F-16AM nmks  
J-632 F-16AM 322sq  
Q-04, Q-18, Q-21, Q-24 AH-64DN 301sq green c/s
S-440, S-453 AS532U2 300sq grey c/s
S-445, S-454 AS532U2 300sq $
T-235 KDC-10 334sq  
Visitors / Flying only:
455 C295M 242.dlt  
L-01 PC-7 131EMVOsq  
PH-TFK B787-8 Arke  
KLuHV ramp and hangars:
PH-GRY S11-1 ex E-197  
PH-GAZ L-21B ex R-109  
PH-IIB AT-16ND ex B-118  
PH-KHV “G-29” Beech D18S ex RCAF  
PH-LIK “R-344” J3C-65 ex ALAT 44-79866  
PH-MLM AT-16ND ex B-71  
PH-PPW L-21B ex R-122  
PH-STM PT-22 c/n S-16  
PH-TYG DH82A ex A-57  
Shelter (open):
J-247 F-16A stored, dismantled  
B-42 Bo105CB nn  
K-3003 NF-5A as “K-3066”  
P-191 F-84F nn  

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