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Ginkelse Heide 1994

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Date: 17 September 1994

Made by: Martijn van den Akker jr., Jelle van der Wolf

Updated: 19 March 2002

Flying from the Ginkelse Heide:
SA316-III          A-515        298Sqn
SA316-III          A-247        298Sqn
SA316-III          A-343        298Sqn
SeaKing HC.4       ZD479/ZV     707Sqn
SeaKing HC.4       ZA299/ZZ     707Sqn
Lynx AH.9          ZG887        627Sqn
Lynx AH.9          ZG915        627Sqn

Flying Only:
F27-300M           C-4          334Sqn
C-130E             63-7885      37 ALS
C-130E             68-10935     37 ALS
C-130E             70-1260      37 ALS
C-130K-C.3P        XV223        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV176        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV303        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV220        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV202        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV184        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV190        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV212        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV214        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV217        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV222        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV294        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV305        LTW
C-130K-C.3P        XV307        LTW
C-47B Skytrain C.4 ZA947/EM     BoBMF
DC-3               PH-DDA       DDA

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