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Leeuwarden 1983(1)

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Date: 11 June 1983

Made by: Ron Nieuwland


FX­31			F-104G		31sm
FB-13			F-16B		31sm
MT­40			CM170
R-349			F-104		723Esk
RT-655 			TF-104		723Esk
26+04			F-104G		JBG34
37+88			F-4F		JG74
41+02			Alpha Jet	JBG41 
41+59			Alpha Jet	JBG41 
43+85			Tornado		MFG1
MM6731/5-44		F-104S
MM6714/5-41		F-104S
288			F-16A		331Skv
689			F-16B		331Skv
XV786/V			Harrier		4sq
XZ999/I			Harrier		4sq
XW533			Buccaneer	15sq
XV400/F			Phantom		92sq
74-1676			C-130		463TAW
79-0024/CR		F-15C		32TFS
79-0026/CR		F-15C		32TFS
70-2404/LN		F-111F		493TFS  
68-0932			CH-53C		601TCW
D-8318			F-104G		312sq 
K-3049			NF-5A		314sq
K-3066			NF-5A		316sq
C-5			F27-300M	334sq
C-7			F27-300M	334sq
302/V			P-3C		MLD

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