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Leeuwarden 1985

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Open Dag
Date: 22-6-1985
Made by: Frank Klaster, Martin Herbert
Updated: 14 June 2005,29-04-2015
FB14 F-16B 31sm  
BD04 Mirage 5BD 42sm  
ST21 SF-260MB 5sm  
104786/786 CF-104G 1 CAG  
ET-615 F-16B Esk 727  
R-348/12348 F-104G Esk 726  
RT-657/12657 CF-104D Esk 726  
AT-160 Sk-35XD Esk 725  
U-279 S-61A Esk 722  
506/2-EQ Mirage 2000B EC1/2  
41+18 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
22+90 F-104G JBG34  
89+61 Sea King Mk41 MFG5  
43+32 Tornado IDS JBG38  
658 F-16A 330 Skv  
81-0985/WR A-10A 92nd TFS  
81-0047/CR F-15C 32nd TFS  
74-0177/LN F-111F 492nd TFS  
XX892/FC Buccaneer S2B 237OCU  
XX192/192 Hawk T1A 234sq/ 1 TWU  
XX280/280 Hawk T1 79sq/1 TWU  
XZ356/AH Jaguar GR1 14sq  
XV490/S Phantom FGR2 92sq  
S-9 DHC-2 MLM  
K-3050 NF-5A 316sq  
J-228 F-16A 322sq  
J-263 F-16B 323sq  
N-305 Hunter F4 DVM  
I-320 Meteor T7 MLM  
310/V P-3C 320sq  
J-230 F-16A 322sq  
J-231 F-16A 322sq  
J-236 F-16A 323sq  
J-243 F-16A 323sq  
J-264 F-16B 322sq  
AT08 Alpha Jet 1B O&T Wing  
80+54 Bo-105M HFR16  
37+10, 38+27 F-4F JG71  
38+42, 38+59 F-4F JG71  
26+74 F-104G MFG2 "Vikings"  
26+80 F-104G MFG2 "Vikings"  
XV738/B Harrier GR3 4sq  
XV793/L Harrier GR3 4sq  
XV297/297 Hercules C1P LTW  
XX968/AJ Jaguar GR1 14sq  
XW221/DE Puma HC1 230sq  
MM54474/6 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54475/1 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54477/4 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54478/4 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54479/9 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54480/8 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54481/7 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54482/3 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54483/2 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54484/11 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
MM54485?/10 MB-339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore  
LX-N90449 E-3A NAEWF flying only
58-0097 KC-135A 7th BW flying only
79-0036/BT F-15C 525nd TFS  
B-40, B-47 Bo-105C 299sq  
K-3016, K-3018 NF-5A 316sq  
K-3033, K-3047 NF-5A 316sq  
J-256 F-16A 323sq  
J-214, J-232, J-239, J-254 F-16A 323sq  
J-220, J-221, J-222, J-223, J-226, J-241, J-242, J-251, J-257 F-16A 322sq  
J-261 F-16B 322sq  
J-218, J-253 F-16A TCA  
J-259, J-260 J-262, J-266 F-16B TCA  
J-267, J-268, J-885 F-16B TCA  
C-9, C-10, C-11, C-12 F27-300M 334sq  
C-1, C-2 F27-100 334sq  
H-20,H-67,H-75,H-81 SA316B SAR Flt  
A-227,A-235, A-246, A-260, A-366,A-374, A-383, A-489 SA316B GpLV  
A-350, A-351, A-390, A-499 GRASSHOPPERS SA316B Grasshoppers  
1Z+EK Ju-52M/3 Actually Casa352 N9012P  
241/PH-ILB AT-16ND D-21 conversion  
25+28 F-104G JBG34  
MM62109/46-96 G-222TCM 98°Gr TM  
79-0046/BT F-15C 525nd TFS  
80-0017/BT F-15C 525nd TFS  
274/K UH-14C 860sq  
279/K SH-14C 860sq  
P-192 F-84F wreck/burnt out  
P-194 F-84F preserved  
D-8257 F-104G decoy  
LETS-1 F-104G LETS i/a  
PH-AFA MS892   c/n 2685
PH-MLP Pa28   c/n 28R-7335445
PH-MSH Cameron O.77   c/n 853
PH-NZA S-61N KLM Noordzee Helicopters c/n 61-257
PH-RNA Rallye 150   c/n 3101
PH-RNC Rallye 150   c/n 317
PH-SPY Ce172   c/n 2003
PH-VAR Rallye 150   c/n3173
N4565L DC-3A   c/n 2108

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