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Leeuwarden 1990

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Date: 9-06-1990
Made by: Michael Gan, Scramble
133345 CT-133A 1 CAD  
136228 , 136232 CH-136 444sq  
188738 CF-188A 439sq  
AT-155 Sk-35XD Esk 729  
16 , 17 Super Etendard 14F  
38+57 F-4F JBG36  
87+45 Bo-105P HFR16  
MM7101/51-41 AMX 103°Gr  
MM7104/51-31 AMX 103°Gr  
MM6913/5-22 F-104S-ASA 102°Gr  
MM6916/5-10 F-104S-ASA 102°Gr  
MM80981/15-10 HH-3F 15°St  
B-42 Bo105CB-4 299sq  
J-135 F-16A 315sq  
J-203 F-16A 322sq  
J-220 F-16A 322sq  
J-230 F-16A 322sq  
J-232 F-16A 323sq  
J-248 F-16A 323sq  
J-249 F-16A 323sq  
J-259 F-16B nmks, special c/s  
J-262 F-16B 323sq  
J-264 F-16B 323sq  
J-265 F-16B 323sq  
J-365 F-16A 313sq  
J-366 F-16A 313sq  
J-632 F-16A 306sq  
J-652 F-16B 311sq  
J-882 F-16B 312sq  
K-4007 NF-5B 316sq  
301 P-3C 320sq  
L-10 PC-7 EMVO  
A-247 SA316B GpLV  
A-177 SE3160 GpLV  
A-529 SE3160 GpLV  
H-67 SE3160 SAR Flt  
272 SH-14B 860sq  
B-184 AT-16 preserved  
D-5805 TF-104G preserved  
I-189 Meteor F8 preserved  
N-305 Hunter T7 preserved  
S-9 DHC-2 preserved  
C.15-22/15-09 EF-18A Ala 15  
C.15-41/15-28 EF-18A Ala 15  
E.25-75/74-29 C-101EB Ala 74  
T.12B-21/35-05 Casa212-100 Ala 35  
T.19C-02/35-61 CN235M-10 Ala 35  
United Kingdom
XV353/353 Buccaneer S2B 208sq  
XV361/361 Buccaneer S2B 208sq  
WE113/BJ Canberra B2 231OCU  
ZD980/BJ Chinook HC1 18sq  
XX164/164 Hawk T1 4FTS  
XX284/E Hawk T1A 151sq  
XW422/3 Jet Provost T5A 3FTS  
XT901/CR Phantom FGR2 228OCU  
XV650/CU-180 Sea King AEW2A 849NAS  
XV671/CU-181 Sea King AEW2A 849NAS  
ZA405/Y Tornado GR1A 2sq  
ZE835/EE Tornado F3 23sq  
ZE962/GB Tornado F3 43sq  
United States
70-1008/HA A-7D 174th TFS Iowa ANG  
75-0405/HA A-7D 174th TFS Iowa ANG  
80-0195/WR A-10A 510th  
80-0215/WR A-10A 510th TFS  
79-0015/CR F-15C 32nd TFS  
67-15716 AH-1G 4/7th CAV  
71-20784 OH-58A 4/7th CAV  
87-0452 AH-64A 3/227nd AVN  
AT11 Alpha Jet 1B 9w  
MT30 CM170R 33sm  
188709 CF-188A 439sq  
18/2-FL Mirage 2000C EC2/2  
508/2-FE Mirage 2000B EC2/2  
MM54456/RS-10 MB339A RSV  
MM54468/RS-26 MB339A RSV  
LX-N90443 E-3A NAEWF flying only
A-275 SA316B GpLV  
A-209 SE3160 GpLV  
A-350 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-351 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-390 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-398 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-482 SE3160 GpLV  
A-499 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
B-43 Bo105CB-4 299sq  
B-44 Bo105CB-4 299sq  
B-46 Bo105CB-4 299sq  
B-63 Bo105CB-4 299sq  
B-77 Bo105CB-4 299sq  
C-1, C-3 F27-100 334sq  
C-6, C-7, C-9 F27-300M 334sq  
J-057 F-16A 315sq  
J-060 F-16A 315sq  
J-062 F-16A 315sq  
J-202 F-16A 323sq  
J-205 F-16A 322sq  
J-206 F-16A 322sq  
J-208 F-16B 323sq  
J-210 F-16B 323sq  
J-211 F-16B 323sq  
J-214 F-16A 323sq  
J-218 F-16A 322sq  
J-223 F-16A 322sq  
J-226 F-16A 322sq  
J-234 F-16A 323sq  
J-238 F-16A 323sq  
J-240 F-16A 322sq  
J-241 F-16A 322sq  
J-243 F-16A 322sq  
J-251 F-16A 322sq  
J-254 F-16A 323sq  
J-255 F-16A 323sq  
J-256 F-16A 323sq  
J-270 F-16B 323sq  
J-513 F-16A 315sq  
J-657 F-16B 323sq  
K-3014 NF-5A 316sq  
K-3024 NF-5A 314sq  
K-3031 NF-5A 314sq  
K-3066 NF-5A 314sq  
+ 3 more unknown NF-5As and 6 NF-5Bs flying in a farewell-formation
H-81 SE3160 SAR Flt  
L-08 PC-7 EMVO  
304 P-3C 320sq  
D-8257 F-104G decoy  
E.25-77/74-31 Casa101EB Ala 74  
United Kingdom
ZD410/AF Harrier GR5 3sq  
ZD412/AH Harrier GR5 3sq  
XW231/FD Puma HC1 240OCU  
ZA545/545 Tornado GR1 TWCU  
ZA556/556 Tornado GR1 TWCU  
United States
86-0111 B-1B 319th BW flying only
59-2570 B-52G 42nd BW flying only
61-0291 EC-135H 10th ACCS flying only
66-0023/UH EF-111A 42nd ECS flying only


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