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Leeuwarden 1994

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Date: 2 July 1994

Made by: Michael Gan, Scramble, Joop de Groot

Updated: 2 January 2011

EAV-8B Harrier, Spanish Navy
Almost every year the Dutch Air Force manages to get some rare aircraft to its annual Open Day. The two Spanish Harriers were the highlights of this year's edition. On the picture is the 01-907 which was parked in the static.

Photo Michael Gan

MT40             CM170R             33sm 
ST43             SF260D             5sm 
0004             L-39MS             1LSP/2Letka 
4307             MiG-21MF           1LSP/1Letka 
4644             MiG-23ML           1SLP 
8077             Su-25K             30BILP 
11               Br1050             6F 
28               Super Etendard     59S 
2331/AIE         AS532              4RHCMS 
1544/BOU         SA341F 	    5RHC 
3776             F-4F               JG74 
4634             Tornado ECR        JBG32 
9351             Mi-8S              FBS 
MM7102/2-03      AMX                14 Gr 
MM62164          P180               AMI 
LX-N90459        E-3A               NAEWF 
132              F-5A               338Skv                 special c/s 
595              F-5B               338Skv 
15503            A-7P               Esq304 
C.14-72/14-72    Mirage F1EE        Ala14 
01-909           EAV-8B             009Esc 
WD955/EM         Canberra T17A      360sq 
XX250            Hawk T1            6FTS 
XV243            Nimrod MR2P        Kinloss 
ZH553/BY         Tornado F3         29sq 
ZA400/T          Tornado GR1A       2sq 
82-0649/SP       OA-10A             81st FS 
84-0085          C-21A              76th ALS 
86-0171/LN       F-15C              493rd FS 
70-15408         OH-58C             3-227th AVN 
88-26086         UH-60A             3-227th AVN 
87-0505          AH-64A             3-227th AVN 
A-536            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-549            Alouette 3         298sq 
B-78             Bo105CB            299sq                 white UN c/s 
G-273            C-130H-30          334sq 
J-066            F-16B              311sq 
J-234            F-16A              313sq, but 323sq mks 
J-267            F-16B              315sq 
J-632            F-16A              306sq/nb 
L-04             PC-7               EMVO 
R-02             AB412SP            SAR Flt 
311              P-3C               MARPAT
PH-KFG		 F-27		    F-27 Friendship association
G-HVDM/MK732	 Spitfire	    Dutch Spitfire Flight

Inside hangars/shelters: 
A-366            Alouette 3         GPH 
J-215            F-16A              nb 
J-620            F-16A              322sq 
J-654            F-16B              323sq 
J-655            F-16B              322sq 
R-03             AB412SP            SAR Flt 

D-5805           TF-104G 
D-8051           F-104G             gate guard 
E-24             Fokker S.11 
I-320            Meteor T7 
N-138            Hunter F4          gate guard 
56 red           Su-20              Soviet mks 

AT03             Alpha Jet          9w 
AT08             Alpha Jet          9w 
CB02             B727-29C           21sm 
MT14             CM170R             33sm                  special c/s 
0005             L-39MS             1LSP/2Letka 
7711             MiG-21MF           1LSP/1Letka 
2406             MiG-23ML           1SLP 
9013             Su-25K             30BILP                special c/s 
1407             Tu-134A            3DLP 
E97/0            Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
E23/1            Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
E121/2           Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
E125/3           Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
E89/4            Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
E132/5           Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
E140/6           Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
E126/7           Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
E106/8           Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
E173/9           Alpha Jet          Patrouille de France 
F207/64-GG       C-160NG            ET64 
205/30-FX        Mirage F1C-200     EC3/30 
221/30-SI        Mirage F1C-200     EC1/30 
514/30-FU        Mirage F1B         EC3/30 
506/2-FC         Mirage 2000B       EC2/2 
511/2-FH         Mirage 2000B       EC2/2 
11               Super Etendard     59S 
3732             F-4F               JG74 
4646             Tornado ECR        JBG32 
MM7091/2-01      AMX                14 Gr 
MM81392/EI-922   A129A              CALE 
MM81199/EI-456   AB412              51 GSEM 
15527            A-7P               Esq304 
15537            A-7P               Esq304 
2606             An-26              2ZmDLP 
0101             L-39C              Bile Albatrossi 
0102             L-39C              Bile Albatrossi 
0111             L-39C              Bile Albatrossi 
0112             L-39C              Bile Albatrossi 
0442             L-39C              Bile Albatrossi 
4355             L-39C              Bile Albatrossi 
4357             L-39C              Bile Albatrossi 
C.14-06/14-06    Mirage F1EE        Ala14 
T.19B-06/35-24   CN235              Grupo 35 
01-907           EAV-8B             009Esc 
U.20-1/01-405    Ce550              004Esc 
ZG533/CF         Harrier GR7        4sq 
ZG859            Harrier GR7        4sq 
XX178/M          Hawk T1            92sq 
XX231            Hawk T1            19sq 
XX116            Jaguar GR1A        16sq 
ZA127/592        Sea King AHS6      706sq 
ZA563/TC         Tornado GR1        15sq 
A-177            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-292            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-342            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-451            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-471            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-529            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-535            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-542            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-550            Alouette 3         298sq 
A-324            Alouette 3         Grasshoppers 
A-390            Alouette 3         Grasshoppers 
A-398            Alouette 3         Grasshoppers 
A-453            Alouette 3         Grasshoppers 
A-465            Alouette 3         Grasshoppers 
B-68             Bo105CB            299sq 
C-8              F27-300M           334sq 
J-009            F-16A              311sq/nb 
J-057            F-16A              311sq/nb 
J-223            F-16A              315sq 
J-246            F-16A              315sq 
J-253            F-16A              Demo Team 
J-255            F-16A              Demo Team 
L-03             PC-7               EMVO 
R-01             AB412SP            SAR Flt 
266              SH-14D             860sq 

Mass Take-Off: 
J-057            F-16A              nb 
J-062            F-16A              nb 
J-141            F-16A              314sq 
J-192            F-16A              322sq/nb 
J-193            F-16A              322sq, but 311sq mks 
J-209            F-16B              322sq, but 314sq mks 
J-211            F-16B              322sq 
J-223            F-16A              315sq 
J-249            F-16A              315sq 
J-363            F-16A              323sq 
J-619            F-16A              322sq 
J-649            F-16B              323sq, but 306sq mks 
J-657            F-16B              323sq, but 316sq mks 
J-869            F-16A              323sq 
J-875            F-16A              323sq 
J-879            F-16A              323sq 
J-882            F-16B              323sq 

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