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Leeuwarden 1998

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Date: 4 July 1998

Made by: Michael Gan, Scramble


3C-OE              OH-58B               FlRgt1/3 
H23                A109HA               18BnHATk 
MT13               CM170R               33sm              special c/s 
140105             CP140                14 Wing 
Czech Republic 
2424               L-39ZA               322tlt 
8077               Su-25K               322tlt 
E-603              F-16A                Esk723 
ET-198             F-16B                Esk723 
221/30-SY          Mirage F1CT          EC03.030 
262/30-SE          Mirage F1CT          EC03.030 
3837               F-4F                 JG72 
4536               Tornado              MFG2 
5701               Do228-212            MFG3 
8432               CH-53G               HFR15 
8725               Bo105P               HFR26 
083                F-16DG               347 MPK 
MM6734/5-37        F-104S-ASA-M         23 Gr 
MM6786/5-32        F-104S-ASA           23 Gr 
MM7131/51-52       AMX                  103 Gr 
MM7132/51-35       AMX                  103 Gr 
MM54526/70-34      SF260AM              207 Gr 
MM55015/70-46      SF260AM              207 Gr 
B-70               Bo105CB              299sq 
D-667              CH-47D               298sq 
J-004              F-16A                322sq              "J-001" 
J-642              F-16A                323sq              special c/s 
L-07               PC-7                 131EMVOsq 
S-453              AS532U2              300sq 
U-02               Fokker 60UTA         334sq 
U-06               Fokker 50            334sq 
V-11               G.1159C              334sq 
86-8983            AH-64A               301sq 
273                SH-14D               MARHELI 
300                P-3C                 MARPAT 
H2-36              Bell 412EP           15 Brg 
T.19B-13/35-31     CN235                Ala 35 
C.15-27/15-14      EF-18A               Grupo 15 
37435              JA-37                F4 
J-5232             F/A-18D              FlSt17 nb 
United Kingdom 
XW844              Gazelle AH1          661sqn 
XX161              Hawk T1              19(R)sqn 
XX745/D            Jaguar GR1A          16(R)sqn 
XV227/27           Nimrod MR2           Kinloss Wing 
ZE838/GH           Tornado F3           43sqn 
United States 
86-0038            KC-10A               60th AMW 
57-1474/D          KC-135R              351st ARS 
84-0001/SP         F-15C                53rd FS 
84-0005/SP         F-15C                53rd FS 
90-0831/SP         F-16C                22nd FS 
165220/AA-300      F/A-18C              VFA-83 
PH-JGS             R22B2                Van der Steen 
PH-BWB             Beech A36            KLM 
PH-BYB             Beech 58             KLM 
G-FUGA             CM170                DHJA 
F-GLHF             CM170                DHJA 
N234JH             H269B                J.Venema 
VP-BPS/P           PBY-5A               nn 

10                 Saab35OE             FlRgt2/1 
12                 Saab35OE             FlRgt2/1 
5S-TB              SC.7-3M              FlRgt1/4 
CA02               A310-222             21sm 
AT25               Alpha Jet            1w                   special c/s 
AT26               Alpha Jet            1w 
MT36               CM170R               33sm 
E7/7-PL            Jaguar E             EC02.007 
E23/7-PB           Jaguar E             EC02.007 
E28/7-PS           Jaguar E             EC02.007 
14/5-OB            Mirage 2000C         EC02.005 
513/5-OI           Mirage 2000B         EC02.005 
2                  Super Etendard       11F 
65                 Super Etendard       11F 
8665               Bo105P               HFR26 
8700               Bo105P               HFR26 
D-662              CH-47D               298sq 
D-663              CH-47D               298sq 
G-273              C-130H-30            334sq 
G-275              C-130H-30            334sq 
J-008              F-16AM               322sq 
J-014              F-16AM               322sq 
J-018              F-16AM               322sq 
J-063              F-16A                nb 
J-067              F-16BM               322sq 
J-068              F-16BM               nb 
J-136              F-16AM               322sq 
J-137              F-16A                322sq 
J-193              F-16A                nb 
J-202              F-16A                322sq 
J-204              F-16A                322sq 
J-236              F-16A                nb                  special c/s 
J-248              F-16A                313sq 
J-257              F-16A                315sq               special c/s 
J-364              F-16A                323sq               special c/s 
J-367              F-16A                322sq 
J-511              F-16A                311sq 
J-655              F-16B                nb 
J-868              F-16A                323sq               Vliehors mks 
J-873              F-16A                322sq 
J-882              F-16B                323sq 
J-884              F-16B                315sq 
L-05               PC-7                 131EMVOsq 
L-09               PC-7                 131EMVOsq 
S-444              AS532U2              300sq 
S-458              AS532U2              300sq 
85-25474           AH-64A               301sq 
85-25485           AH-64A               301sq 
L9-51              PC-9                 15Brg 
C.15-14/15-01      EF-18A               Grupo 15 
37377/37           JA-37                F4 
37393/63           JA-37                F4 
J-5009             F/A-18C              FlSt17 nb 
T-781              Lj35A                VIP-Flight 
United Kingdom 
XX227              Hawk T1A             Red Arrows 
XX233              Hawk T1              Red Arrows 
XX237              Hawk T1A             Red Arrows 
XX252              Hawk T1A             Red Arrows 
XX253              Hawk T1A             Red Arrows 
XX264              Hawk T1A             Red Arrows 
XX292              Hawk T1              Red Arrows 
XX294              Hawk T1              Red Arrows 
XX306              Hawk T1A             Red Arrows 
XX307              Hawk T1              Red Arrows 
XX308              Hawk T1              Red Arrows 
ZD402/31           Harrier GR7          20(R)sqn 
ZD406/35           Harrier GR7          20(R)sqn 
ZE165/ZK           Tornado F3           25sqn 
ZE200/DB           Tornado F3           11sqn 
ZF418/418          Tucano T1            1FTS 
G-BGOR             AT-6D                '14863' 
G-BKGM             Beech 3NM            'HB275' 
G-BWTG             Chipmunk T10         'WB671/910' 
G-BWVX             Yak-52 
G-BXAV             Yak-52               '72' 
G-DDMV             T-6G                 '493209' 
G-HVDM             Spitfire LFIXc       'MK732/OU-U' 
G-ORJW             F8L 
G-TVIJ             T-6J                 '28521/TA-521' 
HA-ANI             An-2P 
LY-ANB             Yak-52 
LY-AMU             Yak-52 
N11T               P-51D 
N320SQ             B-25N                'HD346/NO-V' 
N5369X             Beech 3NM            'G-29' 
N6123C             B-25J                Red Bull 
N68987             PT-13D               '371' 
OO-YUG             Z-526M               Zlin Aerob. 
PH-ACG             S-11                 'E-36' 
PH-AFS             S-11                 'E-14' 
PH-GRB             S-11                 'E-20' 
PH-HOK             S-11                 'E-29' 
PH-HOL             S-11                 'E-27' 
PH-HTC             S-11 
PH-IBB             AT-16ND              'B-118' 
PH-LSK             AT-16ND              'B-64' 
PH-MLM             AT-16ND              'B-71' 
PH-TBR             AT-16ND              'FS668' 
PH-DDS             DC-4-1009            DDA 
PH-TYG             DH82A                'A-12' 
PH-UCS             L-4J                 'R-345' 

SAR Hangar: 
R-02               AB412SP              SAR Flight 
H-20               SE3160               preserved 

Hangar 3: 
J-057              F-16AM               322sq 
J-623              F-16A                322sq     'J-323' 

Hangar 4 (closed): 
J-003              F-16A                nb 
J-011              F-16A                315sq 
J-055              F-16A                322sq 
J-219              F-16A                323sq 
J-251              F-16AM               323sq 
J-650              F-16BM               323sq 
J-871              F-16A                322sq 

Hangar C43: 
J-009              F-16A                322sq 

Inside tent: 
J-061              F-16AM               nb 

H18                A109HO               18BnHATk 
A-301              SE3160               299sq 
B-44               Bo105CB              299sq 
B-48               Bo105CB              299sq 
B-71               Bo105CB              299sq 
B-72               Bo105CB              299sq 
B-78               Bo105CB              299sq 
R-01               AB412SP              SAR Flight 
R-03               AB412SP              SAR Flight 

Flying only: 
T-264              KDC-10               334sq 

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