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Leeuwarden 2006

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Date: 16/17 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, Cheryl Baumgärtner, René Kerk,


A66			SA318C		nmks/16sq MRH           
FA129	                F-16AM		nmks/10w                
H29	                A109BA		nmks/18sq MRH           
RS05	                Sea King Mk48	40sm	spec mks
E-599	                F-16AM		nmks/Esk730             
30+11	                EF2000		JG73                    
37+79	                F-4F		JG71                    
44+66	                Tornado IDS	JBG31           
51+10	                C-160D		LTG61                   
61+11	                Br1150		MFG3                    
72+94	                UH-1D		nmks/THR30              
82+60	                EC135T1		HFWS                    
84+06	                CH-53G		nmks/MTHR15             
86+66	                Bo105P1		HFVS910                 
FF-3	                F27-400M	TukiLLv         
LX-N90449		E-3A		NAEW&CF
5S-TA			SC7-3M		FlRgt 1
77			MiG-29		1.elt
015			C295M		13.eltr
T.19B-10/35-28		CN235M-100	Ala 35
2408			An-26		241.dlt
9243			JAS39C
4020, 4021		NF-5B-2000	nmks/133 Filo
XX476/CU-561		Jetstream T2	750sq
ZH848/(5)82		Merlin HM1	700M OEU
ZA166/CU-(8)16		SKingHU5SAR	771sq
84-0086			C-21A		76th AS  
96-0205/LN		F-15E	        492nd FS 
161967/1, 161959/2	F/A-18A		Blue Angels	also flying
161948/3, 161942/4      F/A-18A		Blue Angels	also flying
162897/5, 162437/6	F/A-18A		Blue Angels	also flying
161943/7		F/A-18B		Blue Angels	also flying
D-102			CH-47D	        298sq    
J-063			F-16AM	        322sq    
J-204, J-881		F-16AM	        323sq    
L-01			PC-7	        131EMVOsq
Q-14, Q-26		AH-64D	        301sq    
U-06			Fokker 50	334sq
S-456			AS532U2		300sq
264			SH-14D		MARHELI
"56 rd"			Su-20		pres, ex Germ 98+62
RA-1771K		Yak-52		as "92 yl"      
D-EEGD			P149D	        ex Germany 92+18
D-EERP	                FwP149D	        ex Germany 91+77
D-EFTU	                FwP149D	        ex Germany 90+73
D-EGIT	                P149D	        as "AS+411"     
D-EIFE	                FwP149D	        ex Germany 91+08
ES-TLA	                L-39ZO	        ex Germany 28+29
PH-AFS	                S11-1	        ex KLu E-14     
PH-DDZ	                C-47A	        ex 43-15288     
PH-DHC	                DHC-2 Mk1	as KLu "S-9" 
PH-FHF	                F27-100		Fokker Heritage Flt  
PH-HOG	                S11-1	        ex KLu E-39        
PH-HOK	                S11-1	        ex KLu E-29        
PH-HOL	                S11-1	        ex KLu E-27        
PH-IIB	                AT-16ND	        ex KLu B-118       
PH-KHV	                Beech D18S	as KLu "G-29"
PH-PBB	                L-5B		ex 44-17113          
PH-PBY	                PBY-5A		as MLD "16-218"      
PH-UCS	                L-4J		ex 45-4488           

FWIT flightline:
FA57, FA92		F-16AM		nmks/2w
659, 683		F-16AM	        FLO    
J-066			F-16BM	        KTV    
J-362			F-16AM	        323sq  
J-631			F-16AM	        322sq  

Hangar C43:
J-616			F-16AM		nmks/323sq

Hangar 3:
J-226			F-16A		i/a, fuselage only

Hangar 4:
J-064			F-16BM		312sq, under repair
J-219	                F-16A		i/a                
J-245	                F-16A		i/a, fuselage only 
J-516	                F-16AM		nmks/322sq         
J-878	                F-16AM		323sq              

SAR hangar:
R-03			AB412SP		303sq

FA126, FA131		F-16AM		nmks
E73/312-RV		Alpha Jet E	DV15.300
C.15-24/15-11		EF-18A+		Ala 15
C.15-39/15-26		EF-18A+		Ala 15
7353			Mi-24V		231.vrl
ZH889/889		Hercules C5	LTW
91-0329/LN, 97-0218/LN	F-15E		492nd FS        
164763			C-130T	        Blue Angels     
D-663, D-664		CH-47D	        298sq           
J-008			F-16AM	        311sq           
J-055			F-16AM	        311sq	spec mks
L-02, L-03		PC-7	        131EMVOsq       
R-01, R-02		AB412SP	        303sq           
G-HVIP			Hunter T68	ex Swiss J-4208 
G-ZAPW	                B737-3L9	Titan	Sat only
HB-RVU	                Hunter F58	ex Swiss J-4086 
HB-RVV	                Hunter T68	ex Swiss J-4206 
N320SQ	                TB-25N		as "232511"             
PH-OUQ	                Spitfire LFIXc	ex MK732        
PH-PSI	                P-51D		ex 44-74425             

Alpha Jets of Asas de Portugal:
15202		15206		15208		15250

Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E130/1		E162/2		E75/3		E41/4		E94/5
E134/6		E117/7		E31/8		E46/0

The Finnish Midnight Hawks with Hawk Mk51s:
HW-330/1	HW-315/2	HW-303/3	HW-322/4	HW-306/7

The Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1A($)/T1W(#)s (Friday only)
XX179#		XX227$		XX233		XX237
XX242		XX253$		XX264$		XX266$
XX294		XX308		XX309

The Patrouille Suisse with F-5E Tigers:
J-3081		J-3082		J-3084		J-3085
J-3086		J-3087		J-3091

The Royal Jordanian Falcons with Extra 300s:

And Team 2Excel with Extra 300s:

J-144, J-198		F-16AM		323sq    
J-203, J-627, J-871	F-16AM	        322/323sq
J-209			F-16BM	        322/323sq
J-210			F-16BM	        323sq    
J-876, J-879		F-16AM	        313sq    

Formation flypast (Saturday):
J-005, J-363		F-16AM		311sq     
J-061			F-16AM	        312sq     
J-201, J-510, J-872	F-16AM	        323sq     
J-208			F-16BM	        312sq     
J-869	                F-16AM	        322sq     
J-873	                F-16AM	        nmks/322sq
T-264	                KDC-10	        334sq     

A-247, A-275, A-301	SE3160		300sq
S-400			AS532U2		300sq

R213/64-GM		C-160R		ET00.064
T-781			Lj35A		LTDB
T-784			Ce560XL		LTDB

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