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Lelystad 1991

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Date: 25 May 1991

Made by: Martijn van den Akker jr, Alex Smit, Peter Roumen

Updated: 1 August 2002

F-27-200MPA           D.2-01/802-10           802 Esc (c/n 10585)
F-27-300M             OO-FEF                  Federal Expres
F-27-300M             PH-SFA                  Schreiner
Fokker 50             PH-KVI                  KLM Cityhopper
AD-4N Skyraider       OO-FOR/126965           Vormezeele Collection
BN.2A-26 Islander     PH-PAR                  KLPD "Aviation sans frontières"
SH-14C                283                     860 Sqn
F-27-300M             C-7                     334 Sqn
P.149D                D-EERP                  ex. 9477
P.149D                D-EEGP                  ex. 9218
Devon C.2             G-BLRN                  ex. WB531
Chipmunk T.10         G-BDET                  ex. WP851
Chipmunk T.10         G-BMMX
Casa 1.131E           E.3B-508 / 781-28
PC-7                  HB-HMA                  Patroulle Ecco
PC-7                  HB-HMB                  Patroulle Ecco
PC-7                  HB-HMC                  Patroulle Ecco
PC-7                  HB-HMP                  Patroulle Ecco
PZL-104 Wilga         SP-ZOL                  LOT
DH.82A                TS902 (G-AJHS)
PT-13D Stearman       N68987        	      371 USAAC c/s
N-2S3 Stearman        N60839       	      Marsh Aviation Int'l
Stolp Acroduster      G-KEEN        	      Wing over Holland
Ayres S-2RT           N9468Q      	      Tom's Vliegbedrijf
Bellanca 8KCAB        PH-KYK       	      Wings over Holland
Cessna 303            N9460T      	      Lelystad Flight Center
A.1 Husky             PH-KIS   		      General Aviation Services
DH.82A                PH-III  		      Daams
Chipmunk T10          G-BBMO 		      Pfund
DC-3                  PH-DDA 		      DDA
EA300                 D-EFRR  		      'LEXUS' titles
F-27-100              D-BAKO  		      WDL
S.11                  PH-AFS 		      'Nordu selectie' titles
Fa.200                PH-LFC   		      Lelystad Flight Center
UH-12E                N504AH   		      Bogaerds Cord BV
AT6 Harvard           PH-KLU   		      'Noorlander Bouw' titles "Carola Smit"
TB-25N                N320SQ   		      Duke of Brabant Air Force HD346/NO-V RAF c/s
NA.64 Yale            N55904   		      'LPG Drievorm Autogas' titles
Pa.30-160             PH-TUR   		      Turdus Airways
Pitts S.1S            PH-PUP   		      'PEPSI' c/s & t/s
Pitts S.2A            PH-PGP    	      'PEPSI' c/s & t/s
TBM.700               F-GLBA    	      Ben Air
Z.50LS                D-EMUJ    	      Frank Versteegh
Bo.105CB              ???       	      KLu

P.68C		      PH-GRO		      nn
Flying only:
F-16A                 J-226                   KLu Demo Team
P-3C                  306??                   MARPAT
Fokker 100            PH-EZS                  US Airways
F28-4000              PH-CHF                  KLM Cityhopper

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