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Lelystad 1992

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Date: 29 August 1992

Made by: Martijn van den Akker jr, Bjorn van der Flier


B-25J             N310SQ/HD346/NO-V         DoBAF
PC-7              HB-HMA                    Patrouille ECCO
PC-7              HB-HMB                    Patrouille ECCO
PC-7              HB-HMC                    Patrouille ECCO
PC-7              HB-HMD                    Patrouille ECCO
Sea Devon C.20    G-SDEV                    "XK895/CU-19"
Devon C.2         G-BLRN                    "WB531"
Spitfire IX       G-ASJV                    "MH434/AV-I"
Chipmunk T.10     G-BDBP                    "WP843/F"
Ha 1112K          G-BOML
Hunter T.7        G-BOOM                    ex. XL600? Jet Heritage
Meteor NF.11      G-LOSM                    "WM167/M" Jet Heritage
Pitts Special     G-IIIT                    Team Toyota
Pitts Special     G-TIII                    Team Toyota
P.149D            D-EERP                    ex. 9477
FWP.149D          D-EEGD                    ex. 9218
PA.18-95          D-EHAP
PA.28-181         D-EFFR
Cruisemaster      N7600E
FG-1D Corsair     NX55JP                    "17640/1"
PT17              N68987           
Casa 1.131E       N89542                    ex. E.3B-508/781-26 
AD-4N Skyraider   OO-FOR/126965             Vormezeele Collection
F27-200           PH-FFF                    F27 Friendship Assosiation
F27-200           PH-FGE                    F27 Friendship Assosiation
AT-16ND           PH-IIB/B-118              SVGR
AT-16ND           PH-KLU/B-59               SVGR
AT-16ND           PH-LSK/B-64       
Pitts S-1S        PH-PUP                    Pepsi Team
Pitts S-2A        PH-PGP                    Pepsi Team 
Jet Provost T.3A  XM424                     1 FTS
Jet Provost T.3A  XM466                     1 FTS
Bulldog T.1       XX539/1                   CFS
Tucano T.1        ZF406                     7 FTS
BO-105CB          B-48                      299 Sqn
SA.316-III        A-350                     Grasshoppers
SA.316-III        A-390                     Grasshoppers
SA.316-III        A-398                     Grasshoppers
SA.316-III        A-453                     Grasshoppers
SA.316-III        A-465                     Grasshoppers
SA.316-III        H-20                      SAR Flt
SH-14B            271                       860 Sqn

Flying only:
P-3C              307                       MARPAT
Tornado           4583                      JbG 34

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