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Lelystad 1994

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Date: 27 August 1994

Made by:


MT14                  CM170        33sm
XX238                 Hawk T1      6FTS
ZF408, ZF411          Tucano T1    1FTS
C-8                   F27-300M     334sq
J-251                 F-16A        314sq flying only
L-08                  PC-7         EMVO
D-ADAM                VFW614       DLR
D-CDLH                Ju-52/3m     Lufth. "D-AQUI"
D-EEGD, D-EERP	      P149D	   Lelystad
G-ASKH 		      Mosquito T3  BAe 'RR299/HT-3'
G-BDBP 	              Chipmunk T10 nn 'WP843/F'
G-BLRN		      Devon C2	   RAF c/s, 'WB531'
G-BUOR 		      CASA 1-131E  Lelystad 'E3B-508/781-28'
G-HVDM                Spitfire LF9 DSF "MK732/H-25"
G-KEEN                SA-300
HA-ANI                An-2P
JY-RNA, JY-RNC        EA-300       Jordanian Falcons
JY-RND, JY-RNE        EA-300       Jordanian Falcons
NL11LT                P-51D        DMF "474425/OC-G"
N102JW		      SV4C	   FAF c/s
N131EB                CASA I.131E  'E3B-478'
N504HA                UH-12E       Bogaerds
N8233                 DH-82A
N55904                NA-64        "3349"
OK-XRA, OK-XRB        Z-50LS       Sky Box Formation
OK-XRC, OK-XRD        Z-50LS       Sky Box Formation
PH-ACG, PH-AFS        S.11-1       Fokker Four
PH-DDA                C-47A        DDA
PH-DRI                Dr1 (repl.)
PH-HOG, PH-HOL        S.11-1       Fokker Four
PH-HVH                AS355F1      Heli Holland
PH-KFG                F27-200      FFA
PH-KNF		      L-21B
PH-PGP                S-2A
PH-PUP                S-1S
PH-RLA                Saab 91D
PH-...		      AT-16ND	   'B-73'
VR-BPS                PBY-5A       "9754/P"

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