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Lelystad 2002

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Date: 31 August 2002

Made by: Scramble, Richard Baas


ES-YLZ		L-39		Team Khalifa
F-AZCG "A-106"	Pilatus P2-05	ex SwissAF U-106
PH-ACG		Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-36'
PH-ACZ	        Beech 200	Trans Travel 
PH-AFS	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-14'
PH-DHC	        DHC-2 Mk1	as Klu "S-9" 
PH-GRB	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-20'
PH-GRY	        Fokker S11	as MLD '197' 
PH-HOG	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-39'
PH-HOI	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-32'
PH-HOK	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-29'
PH-HOL	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-27'
PH-HTC	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-18'
PH-KLU "XS-249"	AT-16		ex KLu B-59
PH-KVI		Fokker 50	KLM cityhopper
PH-PPW	        L-21B		ex KLu 'R-122'        
PH-RAG	        Beech 1900D	Rossair       
PH-SLO	        Fokker S11	ex KLu E-38   

ES-YLF, ES-YLI	L-39		Team Khalifa
ES-YLP, ES-YLR	L-39		Team Khalifa
G-BWGT		Jet Provost T4	ex RAF XR679    
HA-ANI	        An-2P		St. Antonov Ned.        
N11T	        P-51D	        ex '44-74425'   
N167B	        A-26B	        ex '44-34602'   
N167F	        P-51D	        as "414450"     
N320SQ	        TB-25N	        as "232511"     
PH-IIB	        AT-16	        ex KLu 'B-118'  
PH-LAB	        Ce550	        NLR             
PH-LSK	        AT-16	        ex KLu 'B-64'   
PH-MLM	        AT-16	        ex KLu 'B-71'   
PH-NGK	        Auster AOP3	ex KLu 'R-18'   
PH-NLZ	        SA226TC		NLR                     
PH-KNR	        L-21B		ex KLu 'R-177'          
PH-OUQ	        Spitfire Mk9	as "MK732/3W-17"
PH-TBR	        AT-16		as UK "FS668"           

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