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Oostwold 2002

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Date: 20 May 2002

Made by: Scramble, Richard Baas


R-01		AB412SP		303sq                   
D-EEGD	        P149D	        ex GAF 92+18    
D-EERP	        P149D	        ex GAF 91+77    
D-EFTU	        FwP149D	        ex GAF 90+73    
D-EIFE	        FwP149D	        ex GAF 91+08    
D-FOXY	        C-3605	        ex Swiss C-535  
G-FGID	        Corsair IV	ex RAF 'KD435'  
G-LFVB	        Spitfire LF5b	ex RAF 'EP120'  
N11T	        P-51D		ex '44-74425'           
N167B	        A-26B		ex '44-34602'           
OO-VOR	        Fiat G46-4A	ex AMI 'MM53293'
PH-AFS	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-14'   
PH-APA	        L-21B		ex KLu 'R-124'          
PH-HOG	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-39'   
PH-HOL	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-27'   
PH-HTC	        Fokker S11	as KLu 'E-18'   
PH-KLU "XS-249"	AT-16		ex KLu B-59
PH-SLO		Fokker S11	ex KLu E-38
PH-TOK	        L-21B		ex KLu 'R-114'     
SP-YBD	        TS-8		ex PolishAF '1009' 

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