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Oostwold 2009

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Date: 31 May/1 June 2009

Made by: Scramble


The Oostwold Airshow 2009 attracted over 15,000 spectators.
Due to the lack of parking, the airfield had to limit the number of
visiting aircraft. Highlights of the Airshow - apart from the 
participants to the Stearman meeting - were the Team Guinot
Wing walkers, Yakovlevs aerobatic show, Seagull formation,
Fokker Four, CapTens, Christian Moullec in his DTA Ellipse
Trike 15-BR accompanied by his cranes and of course the P-51
Mustang, Spitfire, Hurricane, Douglas DC-2, etc.

G-IIIG 		A75N-1 			US Army blue/yellow ‘309’ (1943)  
N97X 		A75N-1 (PT-13) 	        US Army blue (1940-built)         
N707TJ 		A75N-1 (N2S-1) 	        Team Guinot Wing walkers (1943)   
N9912H          B75N-1 (N2S-3) 	        ‘Old Crow’ (1942-built)           
N46557          A75N-1 (PT-17) 	        USAF silver c/s ‘643’ (1944 built)
N52533          A75N-1 (PT-17) 	        US Navy yellow c/s ‘207’          
N52545          A75N-1 (PT-17) 	        US Navy grey c/s ‘107’            
N53750          E75N-1 (N2S-1) 	        US Navy yellow c/s ‘208’ (1941)   
N56457          A75N-1 (PT-17) 	        US Navy yellow ‘787’ (N2S-3)      
N56608          A75N-1 (PT-17) 	        blue/yellow c/s ‘137’ (1942-built)
N68461          A75N-1 (PT-17) 	        US Navy grey c/s ‘004’ (1942)     
N74189          PT-17 		        Team Guinot Wing walkers (1941)    
OO-OPS          PT-13D 		        US Navy yellow c/s ‘985’ (1943)   
D-EAEB          PA-18-95 	        Luftwaffe yellow c/s              
D-EATY          PA-18-95                                                  
D-EDDN          M20C                                                      
D-EEGD          P149D 		        Luftwaffe camo JBG31               
D-EERP          P149D 		        Luftwaffe camo                     
D-EFTU          FWP149D 	        Luftwaffe camo                    
D-EGIT          P149D 		        Luftwaffe yellow ‘AS+411’          
D-EGNI          PA-28-140C                                                
D-EHIL          Pitts S-2B 	        Split Image Aerob. Team           
D-EIFE          FWP149D 	        Luftwaffe camo                    
D-EJUT          PA-28-180B                                                
D-EKTY          Do27A-1                                                   
D-ELEV          FWP149D 	        Luftwaffe camo ‘91+22’            
D-ENZE          SF-23A 		        Sperling                          
D-ERJS          TB-9-160 	        IAAG                              
D-ESHP          Sequoia F.8L Falco-III                           
D-EXRR          EA-200                                           
D-EZOZ          EA-300/L 		Frank Versteegh                         
D-FJKA          An-2T 		        Hanseflug                          
D-FONL          An-2T 		        Deutsche Lufthansa                 
D-FRCP          AT-16 		        Harvard IIB RAF colours            
D-FYAK          Yak-11 		        SovietAF camo, 15 white           
D-HSAN          EC135P2 	        ANWB/UMCG ‘Lifeliner 4’          
D-MUWH          Comco Ikarus C42                                 
D-2656          Schleicher K7                                    
ES-YLZ          L-39C 			Skyline Aviation                           
F-BXHE          Cap10B 		        CapTens                           
F-GLHF          CM170R 		        Dutch Historic Jet Ass.           
F-GOUM          Cap10B 		        CapTens                           
G-AGYY          Ryan ST3-KR/PT-21 	USAAC c/s ‘27’                 
G-BWTG          DHC-1 			Royal Navy WB671/910                       
G-HAEC          CAC-18 			USAAF 44-72218/WZ-I                       
G-HUPW          Hurricane I 		RAF R4118/UP-W                       
G-MKXI          Spitfire PRXI 		RAF blue PL965/R                   
G-ORJW          Sequoia F.8L Falco-IV                            
G-YAKN          Yak-52 			SovietAF silver/red, 66 red               
G-YAKZ          Yak-50                  SovietAF silver/red, 33 red
G-YAKU          Yak-50                  SovietAF silver/red, 49 red
G-YAKM          Yak-50                  SovietAF silver/red, 61 red
N22CU 		PA-46-310P
N153CD 		SR20
N156CB 		Pitts S-2S 		Split Image Aerob. Team
N167F 		P-51D 			USAAF 44-14450/B6-S
N202PY 		Ce172N                           
N611JP          PA-28-161                        
N889CD          SR20                             
N1943S          Stinson V-77 		Royal Navy FB735    
N8325W          PA-28-180C                       
N39165          DC-2-142 		KLM silver "PH-AJU/44"  
PH-ACG          S11-1 			Fokker Four ‘179/K’        
PH-ACI          CeT303 AIS                       
PH-ACT          Ce172M                           
PH-ACX          DA20-A1                          
PH-AFS          S11-1 			Fokker Four ‘E-14’         
PH-AIS          TB-9-160 		AIS                     
PH-ANV          SR22GTS                          
PH-ARV          ARV-1 Super-2                    
PH-BIS          TB-9-160 		AIS                     
PH-BVL          CeF172N                          
PH-CBB          CeF152-II 		Flight Center Lelystad 
PH-CJC          PA-28-181                        
PH-DFA          DA42 DFA                         
PH-DRN          TB-10-180                        
PH-DUK          Ce185 (floats) 		Wings over Holland
PH-EIJ          Rallye 150ST                     
PH-ELI          R44 			Lelykopters                  
PH-EPO          PA-28-181                        
PH-FHB          PA-46-500TP 		Faber Halbertsma     
PH-FLD          DA40D                            
PH-FLK          DA20-A1                          
PH-GIS          TB-9-160 		AIS                     
PH-GRA          CeF150L 		Polder Aviation          
PH-GWW          R.90-230RG                       
PH-HGL          Sequoia F.8L Falco               
PH-HLI          Ce172S                           
PH-HOG          S11-1 			Fokker Four ‘E-39’         
PH-HOL          S11-1 			Fokker Four ‘E-27’         
PH-JBB          CeF172M 		Aero Service             
PH-JBC          CeF172M                          
PH-JIS          TB-20-250 		AIS                    
PH-JNP          Ce172N 			Special Air Activities    
PH-KAD          CeF172N 		Flight Center Lelystad   
PH-KAX          PA-28-181 		KLM Aeroclub           
PH-KBA          Ce172P 			KLM Aeroclub              
PH-KWN          Ce182T                           
PH-LFA          Ce172P                           
PH-MAN          CzAW Sportcruiser                
PH-MBW          FA200-160                        
PH-MFT 		DV20                              
PH-MRC          F22C 			"Red Sensation"              
PH-MRG          F22C                    "Red Sensation"
PH-MVR          R44                               
PH-NNN          CzAW Sportcruiser                 
PH-NWG          SC.01B-160                        
PH-PAL          Dyn’Aero S MCR 4S-2002            
PH-PBB          L-5B 			R.NethAF HistFlight          
PH-PCF          Soloy/CeTU206G 		T.K. van der Meulen
PH-PDN          Ce182P                            
PH-PEP          Pitts S-2B 		Wings over Holland     
PH-PLG          PA-28-181 		Special Air Activities  
PH-PME          TB-10-180                         
PH-PSI          P-51D 			USAAF 44-74425              
PH-RLA          S91D 			RLS colours                  
PH-RMD          PA-32R-301T                       
PH-SKE          Ce172P 			Oscar Luchtvaartbedrijf    
PH-SKN          Ce172M 			Oscar Luchtvaartbedrijf    
PH-SRU          PA-28-161                         
PH-SVQ          DR400/160                         
PH-SYD          PA-28RT-201                       
PH-TDR          Tecnam P.92-J                     
PH-TGB          CeF152-II 		NNAC                    
PH-TGH          Ce172P			NNAC                       
PH-TOP          PA-18-150 		T.K. van der Meulen     
PH-TWP          PA-28RT-201                       
PH-VCF          TB-10-180 		AIS                     
PH-VVV          CzAW Sportcruiser                 
PH-WCU          PA-28R-201T                       
PH-WDR          PA-18-135                         
PH-WEN          Hughes 269C 		Aero Service          
PH-WSF          PA-28-140                         
PH-WVO          Ce172P 			KLM Aeroclub               
PH-1064 	Grob G102          
PH-1091         Marganski MDM-1 Fox
PH-1101         HK-36TC            
PH-1133         HK-36TC 		Peetair    
PH-3N1 		Rans S-6S Coyote
PH-3Z2          Dynamic WT9     
PH-4E2          Dynamic WT9     
RA-1771K 	Yak-52 			SovietAF red c/s      
RA-3411K        Yak-52                  SovietAF 877803/62 red
RA-3480K        Yak-52                  DOSAAF 48 silver      
RA-3482K        Yak-3U                  SovietAF camo, 48 red 
RA-3513K        Yak-52                  SovietAF camo         

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