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Schaarsbergen 1995

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Date: 9 September 1995

Made by: Scramble


B-37                  Bo105CB      299sq      UN c/s
B-72                  Bo105CB      299sq     new c/s
2331/AIE              AS532UL      4RCHM
87-0455               AH-64A       2-227th AVN

Flying only:
B-42, B-43, B-66      Bo105CB      299sq
B-71                  Bo105CB      299sq     new c/s
2266/AIW              AS532UL      4RCHM
ZD981/NW              Chinook HC2  27(R)sq
87-0435               AH-64A       2-227th AVN

Pleasure flights:
PH-NZR		      S-61A	   KLM Helicopters
This choppers operated from Deelen airbase.

D-8256, D-8098	      F-104G	   instr.

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