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Scheveningen 1990

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Date: 2 June 1990

Made by: Scramble


136225         CH-136             444sq 
136230         CH-136             444sq 
A-247          Alouette III       GpLV 
B-42           Bo105CB            299sq 
H-81           Alouette III       SAR Flt             also flying 

Flying only: 
603            P-3B               333Skv 
P.3-12         P-3B               Ala 12 
XW864/CU-54    Gazelle HT2        705sq 
XW868/CU-50    Gazelle HT2        705sq 
XV260/60       Nimrod MR2P        120sq 
XV410/E        Phantom FGR2       56sq 
XV420/BT       Phantom FGR2       56sq 
LX-N90459      E-3A               NAEWF 
282/K          SH-14C             860sq 
3..            P-3C               320sq 
B-44           Bo105CB            299sq 
C-7            F27-300M           334sq 
J-058          F-16A              315sq 

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