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Scheveningen 1998

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Date: 6 June 1998

Made by: Frans Planken, Marcel van Beek

Updated: 2 April 1999

AB412, Royal Netherlands AF
This yellow AB412SP is one of the three SAR choppers of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Being given the nickname "Tweety", it gave a rescue demonstration at the beach airshow of Scheveningen.

Photo Mark Schenk

AH-64A          85-25485         301 Sq 
Bo.105CB        B-71             298 Sq 
SH-14D          268              860 Sq 

AH-64A          85-25471         301 Sq 
AH-64A          85-25472         301 Sq 
Alouette III    A-246            299 Sq 
Alouette III    A-247            299 Sq 
Bo.105CB        B-69             299 Sq 
CH-47D          D-661            298 Sq 
CH-47D          D-667            298 Sq 
AS.532U2        S-440            300 Sq 
AS.532U2        S-442            300 Sq 
AS.532U2        S-444            300 Sq 
AB.412SP        R-01             SAR Flt 
SH-14D          261              860 Sq 
SH-14D          273              860 Sq 
P-3C            304              MARPAT 
P-3C            307              MARPAT 
P-3C            308              MARPAT 
PC-7            L-09             131 EMVO Sq 
F-60UTA         U-04             334 Sq 
F-50            U-06             334 Sq 
C-130H-30       G-273            334 Sq 
G.1159C         V-11             334 Sq 
KDC-10          T-264            334 Sq 
F-16A           J-010            312 Sq 
F-16A           J-019            311 Sq 
F-16A           J-226            312 Sq 
F-16A           J-249            311 Sq 
F-16A           J-250            311 Sq 
F-16A           J-361            311 Sq 
F-16A           J-366            312 Sq 
F-16A           J-512            311 Sq 
F-16A           J-631            306 Sq 
F-16A           J-633            306 Sq 
F-16A           J-642            306 Sq 
F-16A           J-647            306 Sq 
F-16A           J-866            306 Sq 
F-16A           J-868            323 Sq 
F-16A           J-875            323 Sq 
F-16B           J-649            306 Sq 
F-16B           J-651            306 Sq 
L-21B           PH-GAZ/R-109     SVGR 
L-21B           PH-PPW/R-122     SVGR 
L-21B           PH-KNR/R-177     SVGR 
L-21B           PH-GAU/R-181     SVGR 
AT-16ND         PH-KLU/B-59      SVGR 
AT-16ND         PH-LSK/B-64      SVGR 
AT-16ND         PH-MLM/B-71      SVGR 
AT-16ND         PH-IIB/B-118     SVGR 
PBY-5A          PH-PBY/Y-74 
Beech 18S       N5369 
P-51D           N11T/474425/OC-G 
B-25J           N329SQ/HD346 
E-3A            LX-N90447        NAEWF 
F-5E            J-3082           Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E            J-3084           Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E            J-3085           Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E            J-3086           Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E            J-3088           Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E            J-3090           Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E            J-3091           Patrouille Suisse 
MB339PAN        MM54478/0        Frecce Tricolori 
MB339PAN        MM54475/1        Frecce Tricolori 
MB339PAN        MM54551/2        Frecce Tricolori 
MB339PAN        MM54517/3        Frecce Tricolori 
MB339PAN        MM54500/4        Frecce Tricolori 
MB339PAN        MM54486/6        Frecce Tricolori 
MB339PAN        MM54483/7        Frecce Tricolori 
MB339PAN        MM54485/9        Frecce Tricolori 
MB339PAN        MM54482/10       Frecce Tricolori 
MB339PAN        MM54477/11       Frecce Tricolori 


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