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Soesterberg 1953

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Date: 18 July 1953

Made by: Pieter Stroobach


8T-5, 8T-12		F-84G			KLu Demo Team
TC-8, TB-24		F-84G			KLu Demo Team              
7E-5 +3			Metero F8	        KLu Demo Team "Ruiten Vier"
4x			F-84G		        AMI Demo Team              
5x			Meteor F8	        BLu Demo Team              
1x			Convair B-36	        flypass                    
4x 			KC-97 		        USAF flypass               
14x 			B-47 		        USAF flypass               
26x 			Harvard IIB	        "40" Formation             
..x			L-21 Cub 	        "Flag parade"              
125, 144, 147		Ouragan		        AdlA                       
1x 			Mystere 	        AdlA                       
WR149 +4		Venom		
1x 			A-1 Skyraider
2x 			C-47 Dakota
264, 267 +2		C-119 USAF
WT555			Hawker P-1067  		RAF
1x 			P2V Neptune
1x 			Pembroke RAF
8-1			Sikorsky S.51 		MLD
1x 			Supermarine Attacker 	RN

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