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Soesterberg 1976

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Date: 19 June 1976

Made by: Willy Metze, Ron Nieuwland, Dimitri Schmidt, Alan Macey

Updated: 14 June 2005

63-7816   		C-130E     		314 TAW     
K-3012                  NF-5A      		316 Sq      
BR09                    Mirage 5BR 		n/b         
D-8343                  F-104G     		311/312 Sq  
VP965                   Devon C.2              
PS853                   Spitfire PR19          
68-0038/UH y            F-111E     		20 TFW
C-10                    Fk-27      		334 Sq      
74-0650/CR or           F-4E       		32 TFS
69-0367/ZR              RF-4C      		26 TRW
68-15086 		AH-1Q     		11 ACR
68-18455   		CH-54A     		295 AC
73-21700 		UH-1H     		11 ACR
66-13559   		OV-10A     		601 TCW
B-65    		Bo 105CB
A-374   		Alouette III
'D-26'  		Anson

Static hangar 1:
C-3     		Fk-27      		334 Sq

Outside hangar 3:
I-69    		Meteor F.4

Hangar 3 (museum):
M-5     		T-33A      
B-184                   T-6        
O-36                    OH-23F     
M-464                   B-25J      
V-3                     DH-89A     
H-1                     Spitfire 9C
A-10                    DH-82A     
H-307                   P-51D      
Q-305                   F-86K      

Hangar 4:
A-208, A-253, A-366	Alouette III
A-451, A-521		Alouette III
B-73    		Bo 105CB

Hangar 5:
74-1052/CR or  		F-4E   			32 TFS

Hangar 6:
A-302    		Alouette III
B-39, B-47, B-48, B-67	Bo 105CB

PH-NLH   		Hunter T.7
B-44, B-64  		Bo 105CB
K-4006, K-4026		NF-5B			315 Sq		K-4006 also logged as K-4008
K-4027, K-4030		NF-5B			315 Sq
D-6695   		F-104G     		n/b
A-218, A-254, A-266	Alouette III
A-281, A-292, A-324	Alouette III
A-383, A-407, A-453	Alouette III
A-471, A-489, A-529	Alouette III
A-542, A-543		Alouette III
H-20, H-67, H-75	Alouette III

Far side:
P-116, P-140		F-84F
P-152, P-155		F-84F
C-2, C-4, C-6, C-7	Fk-27			334 Sq
C-8, C-11, C-12		Fk-27			334 Sq

I-187 			Meteor F.8
(52-5385) 		F-86F  			USAF gate
N-129 			Hunter F.4 		G/Gd

R-134, R-132		L-21B			GpLV		R-132 also logged as R-186

Unknown location:
XV258/58              NIMROD MR1                   RAF 
68-0056/UH            F-111E                       20TFW 
C-1          	      F27-100                      NO.334 SQN 
C-5          	      F27-300M                     NO.334 SQN 
PH-NLH      	      HUNTER T.MK.7                NRL 
PH-FCX      	      F27 Maritime                 Prototype 
G-APCU		      DH82A

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