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Soesterberg 1990

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Date: 14 June 1990

Made by: Russ Smith, Showtime


ALOUETTE II     A94        	FTB
ALOUETTE III    H-81       	SAR  
BO-105P         87+82      	HFR-16
CHINOOK HC1     ZA714/EX  	7 SQN
CHINOOK HC1     ZD980/BJ  	18 SQN
GAZELLE AH1     XX419     	669 SQN 
UH-1D           71+06      	HTG-64
CH-47D          87-0078    	7/158 AVN
CH-53G          84+37      	HFR-35
CH-136          136225     	444 SQN
CH-136          136237     	444 SQN
HUGHES 500      H-245      	HaerFl
LYNX AH1        XZ670     	659 SQN
SEA KING MK43   069        	330 SKV
SF-260MB        ST26       	5 SQN

BO-105CB        B44 		299 SQN 	r/w/b  C/s        
Alouette III	A177		GpLV
Alouette III	A246		GpLV
Alouette III	A292		GpLV
Alouette III	A301		GpLV
Alouette III	A302		GpLV
Alouette III	A343		GpLV
Alouette III	A489		GpLV
Alouette III	A521		GpLV
Alouette III	A528		GpLV
KC-135E    	58-0041    	72 ARS (TDY)
F-4C       	63-7453    	BDRF
F-105F     	62-4417    	BDRF

F-15C/D of 32TFS 'CR'
79-0005 79-0017 79-0018 79-0019
79-0024 79-0033 81-0048 81-0065

F-15C/D of 60TFS/33TFW 'EG' (deployment 'Coronet Trigger')
85-0118 `33 TFW`  "Gulf Spirit"
85-0132 85-0134 86-0145 86-0156
86-0165 86-0176

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