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Soesterberg 2000

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Date: 18 April 2000

Made by:


298 Sqn Flightline:
H45		A109HA		17 BnHATk	spec mks
ZA681/ED	Chinook HC2	18 Sqn
89-0138		CH-47D		F/5-159 AVN
D-105		CH-47D		298 Sqn

300 Sqn Flightline:
A-292		SE3160		300 Sqn
A-301	        SE3160		300 Sqn
S-453	        AS532U2		300 Sqn
S-444	        AS532U2		300 Sqn

298 Sqn Hangar:
D-101		CH-47D		298 Sqn           
D-102	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn	as "D-104"
D-103	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn           
D-104	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn           
D-106	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn           
D-662	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn           
D-663	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn	as "D-668"
D-665	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn           
D-666	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn           
D-667	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn           
Chinooks D-102, D-662 and D-663 have also been standing outside 
for some time.

A-253		SE3160		300 Sqn	in hangar 
S-400	        AS532U2	        300 Sqn           
1x	        AS532U2	        300 Sqn	dep       
309	        P-3C	        MARPAT	*         
K-3011	        NF-5A	        MLM, stored       
P-248	        F-84F	        MLM, decoy        
1x	        A109	        Civil	blue c/s *
The Orion was doing some touch & go's and the Agusta was flying overhead.
The two aircraft of the "Militair Luchtvaart Museum" could be found near
the old maintanance hangar of the 32nd FS.

Additional aircraft on 19 April:
ZA684		Chinook HC2	18 Sqn
ZA718/BN	Chinook HC2	18 Sqn
ZA679/C		Chinook HC2	18 Sqn 
86-9033	        AH-64D		301 Sqn        
B-47	        Bo105CB	        299 Sqn
D-105	        CH-47D	        298 Sqn
S-433	        AS532U2	        300 Sqn
S-456	        AS532U2	        300 Sqn
U-03	        Fokker 60UTA	334 Sqn
PH-DHC	        DHC-2		"S-9"          
PH-IIB	        AT-16ND		"B-118"        
PH-KNR	        L-21B                  
The party continued the next day and the above aircraft were additional

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