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Texel 1995

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Date: 29 July 1995

Made by: Scramble, Harrie Kraaijeveld

Updated: 1 August 2002

Static/flightlines (* = also flying,& = flying only):
5701                  Do228-212/1(LM) MFG3
D-8266                F-104G      (preserved)
C-8                   F27-300M    334sq            &
L-06                  PC-7        EMVO             &
279                   SH-14D      Heli Groep       *
27598/598             Su-27P      TPS              &
XX...                 Hawk T1                      &
XX515/2               Bulldog T1                   *
ZD329/H, ZD409/B      Harrier GR7 20(R)sq          *
C-FHHR "Y-54"         PBY-5A      Catair           *
D-ECBW, D-EERP        P149D       Seagull Form     *
D-EEGD, D-EIFE        FWP149D     Seagull Form     *
D-EWAP                EA-300      Frank Versteegh  *
D-FOAB                PZL-106AR                    *
D-FOXY                C3605       Museum Speyer    *
G-BDBP 'WP843'        Chipmunk T10
G-BEDF "124485"       B-17G                        *
G-BNPH 'WV740'        Pembroke C1                  *
G-BVBE 'XN461'        JetProv T3A 1FTS mks         *
HA-ANI                An-2P       Antonov Ned.     *
JY-RNA, JY-RNB        EA-300      Jord. Falcons    *
JY-RND, JY-RNE        EA-300      Jord. Falcons    *
LY-LJK                Su-31                        *
N11T "474425/OC-G"    P-51D       DMF              *
N12MJ                 UH-12
N320SQ 'HD346'        TB-25N      DoBAF            *
N56028                Ryan PT-22
N9912H                Boeing N2S3 "Old Crow"
N98049 "220"          UH-1B
PH-DDA                DC-3C       DDA
PH-IIB 'B-118'        AT-16ND     SVGR
PH-JAS                Ce208       Tessel Air
PH-KLU "XS249"        AT-16ND                      *
PH-MNZ                Do228-212   Kustwacht        *
PH-RLA                Saab 91D
PH-SSP                SA365N      Schreiner        *
SE-BKG "N3-165"       P-51D       DoBAF            *
Both Harriers departed around noon. The Hawk and Su-27 
operated from Oostende.

D-EOZV    Z-37A-2          PH-COR(1) Dijkhaster
N73AD     Ce210            PH-JBY    CeU206F
PH-COA    Ce140            PH-NCE    Ercoupe 415CD

Visitors (* = also flying):
D-EASI    PA-28-140           G-BDFW    RC112A
D-EBNR    Beech A36           G-BENJ    RC112B
D-EBYU    AA-1                G-BEYZ    Jodel D112
D-ECFB    CeF172H             G-BHUG    Ce172N
D-ECKI    RC112A              G-BMJA    PA-32R-301SP
D-ECVK    CeF172M             G-BSLD    PA-28RT-201
D-ECWK    CeF150L             G-LIDA    HK-36R
D-ECWW    Ce182P              G-RAMS    PA-32R-301SP
D-EDAZ    CeF172M             G-SONY    AC200D
D-EECM    CeF172M             HA-SGP    Zlin 142
D-EESR    PA-38-112           LX-AVG    PA-28-236
D-EEZY    CeFR172H            N1001A    AG-5B
D-EFFN    PA-28-180G          N124FV    PA-28RT-201T
D-EFFW    GY-80               N1454F    Ce172H
D-EFJT    CeFR172K            N154CH    PA-23-250
D-EFMR    CeF172M             N155FT    Beech 33
D-EFNR    FWP149D             N21246    Ce172M
D-EFOL    PA-28-140F          N3088A    Ce170B
D-EFTR    TB-10               N30940    Ce177B
D-EFWJ    WA54                N38273    PA-28R-201
D-EGPL    PA-28-236           N4698W    RC112TC
D-EHBI    CeF152              N5BU      PA-31-350
D-EHGP    CeF172N             N6309D    Ce172N
D-EHJT    MS880B              N7346P    CeP210N
D-EIJM    PA-28RT-201T        N7600E *  Bell.14-19-2
D-EISS    PA-28R-200B         N80388    Beech D18S
D-EIVA    PA-28RT-201T        N8233     DH-82A
D-EJPD    RC114B              N84571    PA-28RT-201
D-EKTN    TB-20               N9914C    CeT303
D-ELLW    Beech F33A          OO-JMC    PA-28-181
D-EMLS    CeT210L             OO-KAA    Beech A36
D-EMUX    J-3C-65             OO-KAY    M20K
D-EMWE    Ce172M              OO-MDA    CeR182
D-EMZB    CeF172H             OO-ROS    M20J
D-ENNT    Beech V35B          OO-RYL    M20J
D-EOLF    PA-28-235           OO-TRJ    CeF172P
D-EOVK    ?                   OO-YUG    Zlin 526M
D-EOXA    CeF172N             PH-ABD    PA-31-350
D-EPCN    PA-28-161           PH-ATM    Beech 200
D-ERBW    PA-28-180           PH-COU    Ce172M
D-ERBY    DR400/180S          PH-DAE    PA-31-350
D-ESTA    TB-20               PH-EEF    PA-31-350
D-ETHB    BX-2 Cherry         PH-EGC    PA-34-220T
D-EVOO    DV-20               PH-GRO    P.68C
D-EZAI    DV-20               PH-GYN    PA-31-350
D-GATB    PA-34-200T          PH-IDA    PA-31-350
D-GINA    P.68B               PH-JBJ    PA-34-220T
D-IDCA    Beech B55           PH-JDL    R90-230RG
D-IMKL    Ce340A              PH-KFG    F27-200
D-IWCO    Ce421C              PH-PAU *  Glasair IIRG
F-BNFY    PA-28-235           PH-PTD    PA-31-350
G-ALOD    Ce140               PH-PTE    PA-31-350
G-APPL    P40 Prentice 1      PH-PUL    Pulsar
G-AVEN    CeF150G             PH-TVB    PA-31-310
G-BCLJ    AA-5                PH-ZVC    PA-18-135
G-BCRP    PA-23-250E          SE-KBD    TB-9

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